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Idle Squares 2

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Author Comments

Collect squares and money and progress further to unlock powerful upgrades, choose to prestige or tier up it is your choice.

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Click squares for money

Not bad

So, I have been playing this game for quite a while before reviewing the game. In part because I really enjoyed the game, and in part because I wanted to check out the game thoroughly before saying anything. My current max level is inferno 120.

So first, 'worlds'. At first when you go to the next world it may not occur to you to 'check' the bonus it gives you. After going for a while though you may start to wonder what your world multiplier is.. To find this out just check the very first level you can prestige. The first time you prestige it gives you only 1 mega square.. You may expect this number to be hundreds or thousands if you have gone to different worlds multiple times... But it probably won't be... unless you have gone through many worlds. See the world multiplier doesn't work the way it says in the game. Every world progression increases it 2 times. So it goes 2, 4, 8, 16, 32... and so on.. My current multiplier is approximately 295 quintillion. Every 10 worlds you go up by about 1000x, so I am about 55 worlds in. In addition to the world multiplier increasing x2 by each world it is also important to note the level does not change the multiplier.

After a while you can do a world in a couple of minutes...

The second important misleading thing is the mega square fill. It massively reduces the value per cycle (it cycles 5 times faster yet produces 20 times less cash). That may not sound like much, but try NOT purchasing them at all, or even purchasing only a few. See how much better you do.

So fun game, but it won't take you to a whole new world, and there isn't anything in the game to merit the time I have put into it... I was just too curious.. But it would be nice to see it flushed out into something a bit more.. Something with change.

would be nice if there was some way to know what my world multiplier is. I got to inferno 45 but I am not sure if I am on world 2 or not.

... why does the internet let me play this OP clicker game? just why.,. :D

Credits & Info

2.73 / 5.00

Oct 23, 2018
5:13 PM EDT