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Redrick's Quest

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Author Comments

Redricks last hope is to find the legendary sword that will allow him to defeat the demon lord.

I've made a few adjustments.
-Pulled the camera out, you should now see enemies before they charge you.
-I've also changed how fast enemies attack, you should be able to block attacks now.

I'm planning on adding more content/updates but as this game is apart of an assessment for my uni course, i will have to do so after the assessment has been graded.

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There's so much potential, but the game broke on me. Twice. The first time, I fell on some spike, my health went straight to zero, but no game over screen popped up. I couldn't move or anything. I was forced to press enter and go back to the menu. Thing is, once I pressed new game, I just saw a blue screen, and couldn't do a thing. Luckily, doing the same thing a second time fixed it.

Sticking with the topic of bugs, man did I find quite a few. Vibrating enemies when they're on top of you, being able to double jump against some walls, and even killing the demon far enough so that it doesn't start attacking you.

The worst part is I liked this game. I just thought its bugginess brought the quality down big time. Fix them, and you definitely got a good game, but for now I'm in the middle of the road with this one.

The game isn't bad, but it's pretty meh. First of all, why give a block button if enemies keep attacking repeadately? I tested to see if the enemies just had moments in which they rushed to attack and then stopped for a moment, but nope, they just don't stop. I feel like this mechanic would've been much better used if enemies either used single attacks to block and then gave you room to attack without getting hit. This would remove the need of having so many checkpoints that restore your health, making the game a bit more challenging. Another suggestion I can give is to make the animations more responsive, if the animation can't keep up with a player's clicking, then make the attacks have a delay. This is my criticism for now. I hope you can improve in making games!

The concept is good, but the controls aren't responsive enough, and the gameplay feels kinda stilted. Extremely frustrating to play, and not in a Super Mario kind of way.

Not bad at all, had a nice vibe and good scare at the end with that giant beast of a demon! LOL

maybe change press return to press enter to make it clearer for those who doesnt know or would get confused about it. some of the dialog doesn't have punctuation like wont is an actual word meaning something completely different to won't.
Redrick moves faster than the camera which is a problem since you end up running into mobs and they suddenly attack you not giving you a chance to prepare, then when you run back to try to make some space in-between it ain't happening since they literally stick to you like glue and follow you giving you no choice but to attack with the little health you got.
Make redrick jump higher i know he has armour on but he jumps like a child with a full backpack on his back.

Credits & Info

2.67 / 5.00

Oct 11, 2018
10:03 AM EDT