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Short animation about unlucky space trip or lucky? [Feedback is welcome]

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Ok, the starting scene was interesting, I like the effect with the colours and stars.

but there were several things in this. A guy being shot doesnt look like that, but would rather have enlarged eyes, or a different kind of pupils, hanging face.

This animation uses tweeking, instead of frame-by-frame animation, which could work, but a problem is in the style where the thickness of the lines is different which creates a problem in the perception. I would have done something different with the person laughing at the end, the ball which is used here to represent the inner part of his mouth is too big.

The scene was strange, you got that eery style well in your animation.

The music was good and fitting.

I tried to be constructive.

ArtemERROR404 responds:

Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it)

Oh man, this is a vintage quality meme animation. I like how weird and kind of unsettling it is. The music also fits very well, though, unless you made it, you should credit the person who did. I loved the guy just raving while his comrade was getting shot. I was a bit confused about who shot him, since the way the shooter is holding the gun makes it look like it's in the dead guy's hand. Also, the wound on the back of his head doesn't show when the camera zooms out, and there is an entry wound we didn't see before.
Overall a weird but entertaining...thing.

ArtemERROR404 responds:

Thanks) Music also mine. I did not expect such a reaction) I will do my best to become better.
By the way, the fact is that the wounds are not visible, because when he was shot dead he looked to the side, respectively, there is a wound on the back of his head. When he lies, his head looks forward, respectively, the wound, we no longer see, it is behind the head

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Oct 10, 2018
1:50 PM EDT
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