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The bystander

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You went hiking on the mountains, when suddenly you hear thunders in the distance. Fortunately, there seem to be a little town in sight...


Another little something made to see what Bitsy is capable of. It's an exploration game, with a couple of puzzles here and there. This one is longer than "It came from outside".

Arrow keys to move. Bump into things to interact with them. Step on doors to enter them (when possible).

Again, thanks to wjhollyart for his help and support! He also made me know the "Image to Bitsy" tool, which I used to import the drawings of the close-ups. Check it out!
A big thank to Pandoryk, who allowed me to use his music, and to add the thunder sound effects to it (helping me to circumvent the "no-sounds-allowed" limitation of Bitsy)!
Hope you enjoy the ride!

Additional note: with some computers (laptop ones, from what I've seen) players may experience lag in some in-game screens. Unfortunately, this is a Bitsy flaw when it comes to displaying screens with lots of tiles. I'm sorry that I can't do much about it.

(Anti-frustration tip: should you die, there's no need to do again what you have previously done. All puzzles give you hints about what to do, and once you've got that knowledge, there's no need to solve them again).
A lot of people told me that they couldn't hear the game's soundtrack. I've tried playing this game in Chrome, and heard nothing too. I've tried with another Bitsy game which has sound, and heard nothing as well. My guess is that, as another Bitsy game dev told me, these problems are caused by the latest Chrome update. If you can't hear any sound, try using another browser (Firefox works for sure, afaik).
Fixed the spelling mistakes. A big thank you to CsoiretgeFsM, who did an impressive proofreading work and helped me to fix those mistakes!
Whoa, Frontpage! Thank you very much, guys!!

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What a great game monotone pixels can achieve! The vibe is perfect and the story so intriguing. Tip: If you don't want to be killed, just go to the back of the line of people (upper row) and check each of their heads. M marks the murderers you want to avoid. Check the front of the other 5 and note the symbols showing the direction you take in the courthouse. You don't need to collect all 4 white flowers to beat the game, but you can access the 4th flower in the victim's garden by going to the murderers scene and going down.

Nirag responds:

Thank you again for the feedback, I'm glad you liked this one! ;)
I need to correct you, though: all of the 4 flowers are needed to get the info you need from the statue to progress further.

Spooky atmosphere, I love pixel-like horror games like this and faith

Nirag responds:

Thank you very much!

Amazing what a few pixels and ambient music can do.

Nirag responds:

Thank you!

This ones an absolute banger remember playing this years ago graphic style is awesome cant wait to play it again

Nirag responds:

Thank you very much!

This game i very... strange... liked it from the start for the art-style. All those people looking up really made the atmosphere!
Story very interestingly told in pieces of paper...

Just one thing... i picked up 4/5 flowers... were they of any use?

Nirag responds:

Thank you!
Yeah, after you pick up the flowers, you are told about how to continue your journey!