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Our Entry for the Sheffield ShinDig game jam. Theme was "Light and Darkness"

Best played with a Xbox controller but can be played with keyboard and mouse.

Twin stick shooter controls
WASD to move and mouse to aim
Press A on controller to reload
Press right mouse to reload

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Interest idea with lights. I suggest decrease shooting rate and did eyes on floor can damage.

I love the concept. The lighting is gorgeous, and it's awesome. Only being able to pinpoint where you are on-screen either by where the large eyeballs are, where the enemies are looking, or your muzzle flash.

Very cool. I like the choice to put it in total darkness, having to shoot to be able to see added a bit of a dynamic. The artwork is clean, quirky and creepy (in a good way). Controller support is good, the only thing that caught me out a couple of times is that the gun doesn't keep firing if you hold the trigger through a reload. Overall, a fun game with good potential!


Excellent work on this and great controller support