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Deep Down

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left/right: move
up: jump

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I love this game so much, I've been playing it around the time of its release and I have beaten it a myriad of times. Please don't stop making games


I love everything about this game and I hope a part 2 comes out!

really cool game. the graphics are cute and clean, gameplay is smooth for the whole game even with my bad pc, and controls are responsive, and quick. my only complaint is the blue/snow area because the spikes blended in with the ground. overall a really good game

The game's incredible, but if there's one thing I'd have to single out as especially great it's the hitboxes. There are so many jumps I *barely* made in this game that would have 100% killed me in other games - all because the character sprite was a literal pixel or two away from the spikes. I can say with some confidence that you've made more accurate hitboxes than most AAA devs. Not only is it a great anti-frustration feature, it means I'm more willing to try stuff because I know that, for once, just barely making it is actually enough. Fucking exceptional.