Deep Down

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Deep Down is a challenging platformer where you play as a slime who's seeking gems from different dimensions.

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no fundo de onde

Amazing game! It's fluid and the gampeplay is fun, good work :)

I wouldn't describe this as challenging, more like "asks you to press the control buttons for specific amounts of time, amounts so specific that it is very unlikely, and certainly no fun, to replicate". When you have spikes on the floor and ceiling so the distance between them is just big enough for you to slip through, that is not fun. It's a platformer, which when broken down amounts to pressing buttons for amounts of time, but doesn't focus on it. The difference is that good games are about the player making choices and then using the controls to bring them to fruition, rather than having to battle with the controls to try and get them to do what they want. No challenge here, just frustration. Sorry if I sound angry, because I am. Everything up to that point in the first running level is cool and fun, but that thing where you need to jump high enough to avoid the spring n the floor and low enough to avoid the one on the ceiling... That is bullshit, and why I quit. Good graphics though. Man I'm angry...

Very reminiscent to super meatboy. Sometime the jump platforms can be a bit weird. Other than that, excellent game! Good job.

Simple, but awesome game!

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3.92 / 5.00

Sep 29, 2018
5:52 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other