Bio Evil 4

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An NES style demake of Resident Evil 4 made for a gamejam, with a hint of Ghouls 'n Ghosts thrown in.

Demade by
Thomas Mc Closkey https://twitter.com/Gypopothomas
Emma Robinson https://twitter.com/AwesEmz

Music by
BibikiGL https://twitter.com/BibikiGL
Clayzulah https://twitter.com/clayzulah

*New death animation
*Fixed drop down controls
*New screen transition

*Tweaked baddie and boss hitboxes to make things less cheap.
*Changed rank screen to score screen since the rank didn't bloody work right!
*Updated controls screen to show there's a pause button!

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Just beat the game on pro mode and felt accomplishment I haven't gotten from a game in a while! I can't wait for more, Great job man!

needs to be longer, other than that excellent.

It's okay and would be a lot of fun for fans of side-scrolling shoot-em-ups and Resident Evil games.
Controls are smooth and easy enough to learn.
I liked the variety of colors used in the game, as it offers plenty of contrast, but without overpowering the eyes with too much to sort through, visually.
One big caveat is that I played on baby, and quickly saw the screen flooded with enemies, and I had to shoot in all kinds of directions, including at enemies that were downhill from the hero. That sets up a little problem for actually navigating the level, in that it is way too easy to die, even when avoiding enemies.
Another problem is the lack of plot, which even Mario had; it was a weird and nonsensical plot, but you still had fun. I don't see that as too bad a problem, since this is a tribute-game, but it would lend something more with minimal additional work, I hope.
As it is, the coding and art for this is impressively done and it feels like a good game to play solo or to challenge your friends to. I like the controls being varied for right or left; that was a nice touch. I also like that you have updated it since first releasing it. That dedication to improving things is a sign of a good and competent maker.

After getting feedback from my first review by the creator I decided to play again and wow a Lot more issues other than the occasional re-spawn where the music cuts out abruptly.

Basic enemies spawn too frequently, pitchfork men block shots from the front, Parasite walkers are immune to bullets and sickle throwers are placed in the most frustrating spots all throughout.
The boss has been updated so you can't cheese it and now the only way to hit him is to get behind him OR have him attack to hit his belly but with how fast he is and his weapon able each platforms above him making dodging and getting a hit VERY Difficult.

Good Resi 4 fangame But gameplay quickly kills any joy and becomes tedious. Ghouls and Ghosts was Easier than this.

Credits & Info

3.87 / 5.00

Sep 21, 2018
10:49 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun