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Bio Evil 4

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An NES style demake of Resident Evil 4 made for a gamejam, with a hint of Ghouls 'n Ghosts thrown in.

Demade by
Thomas Mc Closkey https://twitter.com/Gypopothomas
Emma Robinson https://twitter.com/AwesEmz

Music by
BibikiGL https://twitter.com/BibikiGL
Clayzulah https://twitter.com/clayzulah

*New death animation
*Fixed drop down controls
*New screen transition

*Tweaked baddie and boss hitboxes to make things less cheap.
*Changed rank screen to score screen since the rank didn't bloody work right!
*Updated controls screen to show there's a pause button!

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Yo this is fuckin sick!! Resident evil 4 is one of my all time favs and this demake does a nice job of sorta converting the gameplay onto a 2d plane. The music is pretty sweet too, fits the vibe pretty well.

Was also wondering that it'd be cool if you could aim either upwards, diagonally or downwards when in the air for much better range and coverage of enemies, but aside from that, this is still a great effort. Lookin forward to more!

How do you screw something as simply as the controls?

This game was a lot of fun. Great sprites and overall aesthetic. Playing this game makes me think how the rest of Resident Evil 4 would look like in the NES style, I think you did a fantastic job on this game!

oh dude, i saw an kotaku game review on this, they said there needs to be a even easy version then baby where you have god mode on. this game is awesome had a lot of fun playing it, and it would make sense that re4 would be ported in a way to nes.

Nice, just needed the villagers screaming in spanish "cabron" '''agarrenlo que no se escape'' ''voy a partirte a pedazos" but it's nice.