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Author Comments

Upon loading the game, you may see a black screen for a second or two, this is normal and the game should start shortly after.

Katchi is a Korean-learning game developed at Cornell University. Its goal is to teach a foreign language to a complete beginner using no English and in as painless a way as possible. Give it a try and see if you can master some basic Korean vocabulary in just a few fun clicks.

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At first i was greatly interested, i had similar ideas to learning languages like this myself. However after just a single minute i was already sick of it. There was no "fun" in the learning. For example, the first few 'games' were about learning colors(which i admit, is interesting that no english is being used to learn here) but there was no connection the player can make between the colors, the words and the pronunciation. It just "is". In other words, it's just memorizing, which is the worst way to learn something.

I will tell you an example, that made me come up with ways to learn something. You know there are 8(+ pluto) planets in the solar system, right? But how should a person remember the names and possibly the order? Well, at some point i noticed i remember the names(and a tiny bit the order as well) from the anime Sailor Moon, in which the characters are named after the planets(and divided by inner and outer planets, by order of appearance). Thus since the viewer gets into the story and characters, they automatically learn the name of the planets.

That concept could be used to learn languages as well. Like, if we go by the "colors" example, it could be an RPG in which different colored monsters need to be beaten. The player has to gain info. Like, when you get the mission, you see the image of the monster(a blue one), then you have to find someone who tells you this monster is called "Blue", and finally someone that tells you "Blue can be found at the north"

something like that, you know?

If i just needed to memorize something, i could just as well open up a Korean dictionary

This was interesting

So this was an interesting game here was kind of a nifty new style game there seems to be errors and glichs like getting stuck on a level or two but I did like the idea of the game and was a fun idea overall so some clean up of the game would be nice.

Some clean up of a few things as mentioned


I enjoyed my brief experience and expect I'll come back. It seems like Unity is holding it back a little; plays sort of slow.

No joke, felt like a lab-monkey, but i enjoyed it.
As a language learning project, it has potential, HEAVY potential, i found myself enjoying doing this more than Duolingo, which this reminds me of a lot.

ADVICE: include a button to repeat the initial word in korean, would be really useful.

I wish i could have played it more, but i'd spend the whole day here and not really enjoy it as i could, problem being mostly on my end (i hope) and was that i ended up getting stuck in each new level, so i had to refresh the game every time to make progress. Again, i'll assume it's on my end but if it isn't, do know that it ruins the experience.
In the end, very good initiative and i look forward to the newer versions of this you might end up making.

Don't get me wrong, I like the implementation of this program; in fact, it had me more instinctively learning as I went, which had me excited!

But there was just nothing there.

Numbers, colors, shapes, an number of a colored shape, that's all fine and dandy. But that isn't gonna cover even a scratch of basic vocabulary for another language, especially the robust Korean language. It's a start, yes. But it's not much of a start.

What breaks my heart here is that, while it works, it doesn't stick. I can guarantee you, a day after this review, I won't remember a lick of how to spell, pronounce, or recognize any of the words used here. I suppose, then, that this is a program for repeated use, but at the same time, you can't extend far out of that without a variation of words.

And that's really my critique in a nutshell: I like what it does, but I wish it did more with what it has. I was getting excited! And then it was over as quick as it started.