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Stormreich Antarctica Episode 4 - The Exiles

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New Alt-Right Book!


The Fashtastic Alt-Right Cartoon is back!

Following the Charlottesville fallout morale is low.

The Fashy lads meet up with the TRS crew to see what's next!

Kekistan looms, Andrew Anglin is under the Radar and Commander Spencer unleashes his fashy dance moves...

It's a short one this time, but I've got the next episode half-finished and top notch new characters are just around the corner.

Please support the Alt Right, Daily Stormer, Weev, TRS and The White Baron :)


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such a great intro to this.. ehh please use better audio and come up with better scripts the animation is ok but audio is pretty bad if you need voice actor I can help

WhiteBaron2018 responds:

Thanks! I may well keep in mind.

Bear in mind this is from nearly a year ago, things have improved massively since then.

Watch this space.

The only funny part was the guy dancing singing kareoke, the voices are still annoying and the animation is almost absent.

WhiteBaron2018 responds:

Yep, animation is a slow business, but I am working on it. The voices are slowly being phased-out. But I might bring them back in a subtle way for certain things. ;)

This is so awful I can’t tell if it’s serious or a parody. It’s so terrible that it completes the loop from legit to satire back to legit again, except the only thing legitimate about it is that it sucks. Everything about this is bad. There’s no good reason to watch this and I wish you would take this down and free up whatever amount of flash server megabytes you wasted with this “series” and your account. Just delete it all.

WhiteBaron2018 responds:

LOL. Dry your eyes snowflake, if you don't like it, don't even watch my videos.

My work is rough and ready, I don't pretend to be a supremo animator, just a guy figuring it out as he goes along, which is what it's all about.

Oh and with a username like yours and a strange obsession with fecal matters, I think you need to get out of the basement and into the real world. Also, you aren't even a content creator so until you can come up with something, anything, you aren't really going to be taken seriously.

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2.69 / 5.00

Sep 6, 2018
12:08 AM EDT