Bathroom Bear

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Hello Squishy Bloodsacs! I made this movie because I was sick of being censored by my parents, my family, my teachers, and the government. So, I made a movie that had a lot of poo and swears. Yay! Seeing as though I cannot submit this to any college, I am submitting it to Newgrounds. I hope you all laugh so hard your bowels go inside-out!

All voices are done by me and all sounds were downloaded from either Flashkit or Sounddogs.

I strongly suggest that you turn the quality down as this movie is very graphics-intensive.

Happy Something.



haha I liked the cool Doom Sounds!!

JGold responds:

What can I say? I love doom!

yea i agree with maneki neko

i mean its good movie but were is the funny. the flash was well done but the plot is crap. I mean its about shit and i didnt hear many swears but shit. oh by the way u have a very dumb comment. I am tired of the government holding me down, and my family too so ill make a movie bout shit and say the word shit. that will teach em. boy i feel like a new man by saying the word shit and drawing a big pile a of shit on a mans hand. I have made movies and u know what they sucked and got blammed. i do know its hard but i can write a way better script. u should just draw for sumone cuz ure writing skills suck ass.

JGold responds:

God, you think I took this thing seriously? I just banged out that comment in like 10 seconds, same with the plot. I was just hoping you'd watch this movie, laugh at the crudeness without having to think about anything, then do whatever the hell pleases you. The plot isn't even mine. I based it on a joke I heard from Eddie Murphy. The Chinese guy was just cuz it wasn't long enough. And you watch Samus vs. Kirby 2 will be amazing...


i thought this was excellent. the only way you could have made this better was to loose the imported backgrounds and make ones of your own. um.. other than that. excellent job on everything. the plot was wicked funny. And i hope to see more of this!!! :)

JGold responds:

Thanks. I'm glad you liked it. I'm too lazy to make my own backgrounds. Ha ha ha.

very funny

i liked this film, it was entertaining and funny great stuff, and poor bunny and also poor bear, heheh just a funny film, the voices could be better though...

JGold responds:

Fair review. Thank you. Poor bunny indeed. My mom was sad to see him get horribly abused and thrown off a cliff. Cuz, well, that's just not polite. Also, I'm not a professional voice actor and I don't claim to be. I just used the crappy mic my comp came with and then did some mild editing in Sound Studio, mostly just with pitch.


that was SO FUCKING FUNNY!! I can't wait for your next!

JGold responds:

Yay! Thanks a lot! You're probably gonna have to wait a while for my next movie. And also it most likely will not star the bunny, the bear, and the gentleman from China, but rather be a sequel to Samus vs. Kirby. That will be funny too though! Thanks again!

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3.02 / 5.00

Dec 1, 2002
4:50 PM EST
Comedy - Original