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Author Comments

Help St. Roll take a stroll by drawing him a path to the door. Careful not to get in your own way!

-Left and right arrow keys to move.
-Click and drag to draw.

-Reset button brings you back to level 1.
-Death button brings you to the start of the level.

You can make the game smaller to to fit your screen by holding CTRL and scrolling down with your mouse.

Made in 48 hours for ludum dare 42 compo. Theme: "running out of space".
Please rate here: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/42/stroll

POST-COMPO Fixes [Aug 13 2018. 6:12pm]:
- Removed developer shortcuts/cheats left in unintentionally
- Smoothed out lines in level 3 so that it isn't broken

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This is a new idea to me, but it can get very frustrating.
I've played the first 3 levels, but I think there are ways you can improve
-Try a block design- Apply a design for the pre-drawn level.
- Allow to reset your current level, removing lines you placed in that level.
- More consistent controls... the controls are way too unpredictable

This is a interesting, challenging and creative with a cool mechainic. stRoll is kind of like Where's My Water and Line Rider in how you are able to change the terrain of the level, but the mechanic where what you draw stays, is pretty neat. The controls are pretty wonky, and the animation isn't that great. The physics of the game doesn't really make sense, and you seem to bounce in the opposite direction that you want to go most of the time. The background is kind of simple. I don't know why you picked it, but who cares. Good game.

Looking at what this is: a short game programmed in barely any time trying to bank on 1 interesting / innovating concept, this game is good.

My main issue is that I think the core concept of this game (being the lines that stay on the screen throughout levels) is bad game design. Because inherently there's no way to solve levels properly. The only way to know whether or not you screwed yourself over is Trial and Error. The game hence stops being a puzzle, because there's no actual way to solve it rather than redoing everything once you get to a new level.

I'd say this is a good execution of a poor idea.

JinxSpell responds:


The core concept is that you get in your own way/you make yourself run out of space. Each level on its own is simple to solve - where the puzzle comes in is in that fact that you need to plan ahead. I believe many existing games also rely on this "trial and error to realize the mistake, then restart and try again" mechanism.

But I do get that it's super frustrating to redo levels because of how hard it is to control the hamster, and sometimes passing a level feels like luck rather than strategy. Maybe once I figure out collisions more, it'll be less painful for the player to redo levels.

By the way, there are only 6 levels, and each can be solved in less than 3 lines, and a border. So puzzle-wise it's very do-able. In practice, not so much (yet), I guess.

Thanks for the review!

EDIT: p.s. I can't fix anything else until after judging because it might be breaking LD rules. Also it seems unfair to other contestants.

pretty cool physics game, I like the idea. the game was very easy to break though, the sound effects would freak out if he was bouncing around too much and the game ended up crashing because i fucked with the collision too much. also i got him to clip though pretty easy, I think this type of game warrants some pretty complex collision.

It has potential but the char is too hard to control imo. I like the way it jumps. It's never the same

Credits & Info

2.93 / 5.00

Aug 12, 2018
6:49 PM EDT