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Climb the word is a game that you Play as the brave mountain climber, Edwin Hill that is stuck inside a magical book. Help him reach the top of the great word mountain and be the first to plant his flag on the peak.
You will use interactive words and your trusty grappling hook to travel up the mountain. along the way, you must avoid deadly obstacles and make challenging jumps.

Thank you to everyone that has played my game and given feedback! it helps me a lot and only makes the game better!

Patch 1.1

Added arrow keys for the alternative movement keys.

Added a new mechanic for dealing with the wind.

Re-designed DEADLY, the word will now trigger rolling rocks for the player to avoid.

Fixed a bug with the rope causing the player to get stuck on the top half.

Fixed the size of the UP moving platform's box collider to provide the player getting stuff if they fall off.


great little game!

This game has a particularly interesting concept, albeit one that I couldn't see much of. I couldn't even get to the flag because I placed my hook on the left side of the gap and couldn't jump the gap or place another hook on the right side of the gap. Obviously, that's easily fixable - just make it so that the player can place their hook on the right or jump the gap. Also, the player character's hitbox is shaped a little weirdly, such that in certain situations, I'll not be able to get on top of a word via the rope because his arms or backpack will get stuck under it. Perhaps make it a rectangular shape instead of the shape of the character himself. If these get fixed, I'll probably return with another review about the content itself.

I got several problems here. You tried to create a game that utilizes words to tell a story while the same words serve as the level.

- there was no story told here
- there is no challenge, you press RIGHT and perform the same rope climbing over and over again
But again, the main problem is that a game that relies on WORDS has to tell a story or the words have to interact somehow with how the game is played...there is nothing here of that I might as well just play a random platformer.

I strongly suggest that you play the game called "The I of It". It is not specifically about words but a very good example on how a letter can interact with the game..just check it out and you'll know.

I like the music and the narrator's tone.

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this brings nostalgia for me

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The concept is fine, but the controls and the rope climbing mechanic are so poor, that combined with the clunky collisions the game is so 'meh'. There's barely any obstacles that require skill to pass, so the biggest challenge is just fumbling with the controls until you get it right.

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EricAZ4 responds:

thank you so much for playing and the feedback!
I have patched the game now that has fixed some of the problems.
I plan on spending more time on making this project better at the end of my school course.

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3.38 / 5.00

Aug 3, 2018
11:00 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle