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Climb the word is a game that you Play as the brave mountain climber, Edwin Hill that is stuck inside a magical book. Help him reach the top of the great word mountain and be the first to plant his flag on the peak.
You will use interactive words and your trusty grappling hook to travel up the mountain. along the way, you must avoid deadly obstacles and make challenging jumps.

Thank you to everyone that has played my game and given feedback! it helps me a lot and only makes the game better!

Patch 1.1

Added arrow keys for the alternative movement keys.

Added a new mechanic for dealing with the wind.

Re-designed DEADLY, the word will now trigger rolling rocks for the player to avoid.

Fixed a bug with the rope causing the player to get stuck on the top half.

Fixed the size of the UP moving platform's box collider to provide the player getting stuff if they fall off.

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Too god for be real

This game was very fun and enjoyable to play due to its innovative nature and a mix of genres you usually won't see together. Though once the story stops the game can get confusing this can be easily fixed by adding to signpost in background or slight level design tweaks and doesn't effect enjoyability. The core of this game would easily suite other stories and make other amazing games!!!

I like this game.

Still have some bugs. But you have a great potential, so keep it up.

The game isn't too bad.
But the fact that you tried to make your own "Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy" probably bothers me more than it should. Because of you trying to copy the whole atmosphere and the idea of the commentary while you play makes it feel like a cheap knock-off. The commentary, atmosphere, the idea of the mysterious mountain you must climb etc. while they are ok, they fail to deliver the same quality as they do in "Getting over it" and it feels cheap and unnatural. Everything you did that is inspired by "Getting over it" is basically a notch lower in quality.
Other than that, most of the improvements and your own original mechanics are smart and good.
It could be a pretty good game.
It's no reason to give up though. The game is good but the main idea is not yours and it feels exactly like it's not yours.
Focus on your own ideas and you could make awesome games :).
Also you could get a graphic designer (maybe a friend) to make the graphics look more like they are made by the same person for the same game because right now they look like they are gathered from different packs with totally different art styles.

Cheers mate.
Looking forward to see how you improve.

EricAZ4 responds:

Thanks for playing and for the feedback. Well, I was developing this game, Getting Over It was not the game I got inspiration from. the game changed a lot during the development, it was only in the last week I added the narrator, that was not part of the original idea. on the art side yes it does not all match but this was a collaboration with other students and it was the first time a lot of them worked digitally.
later next year when I have time to work on this project again I will try and address all the feedback I have received.

I broke it.

EricAZ4 responds:

sadly there are a lot of bugs still in the game

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3.37 / 5.00

Aug 3, 2018
11:00 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle