What Happened To People? : Foamy The Squirrel

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Over the years, people have become downright dangerous about what they feel is "acceptable" content. So here's a rant to keep everyone aware of what's going on and hopefully change a few perspectives in the process.

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"...amebas of humanity..." LOL! So right you are, Foamy.

Foamy's on a roll with the rants lately! Moving into deeper; deliberate topics. Well said.


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The problem is that our Free Speech Rights protect us from our Government, and not from each other.

The "My house, my rules" effect applies to whatever group you find yourself in.

You sign a ToS to give away your right to free speech within that group, legally.

TL;DR doesn't cut it.

If the Government stepped in to stop a private organization/company from censoring their own members, that would be a violation of Free Speech.

The Right to Free Speech needs to be re-written entirely.

There should be at least 10 Experts from each of the Social Sciences working on 1 page of text.

The revised Right to Free Speech, updated for The Information Age.

I 100% agree with you on all that, I am just sick and tired of people being so offended by every little FUCKING thing! and these SJW's with there fucking stupid bull shit. They think stupid things like the colour of your skin and you're gender determines who you are as a person, Well i say FUCK that! because it doesn't matter what you are, Its WHO you are that really matters. Great video btw ;) you're voice is kinda annoying tho

So you are the ONLY person who can complain about EVERYTHING? It seams to me, you are complaining about losing your right to make others feel less than you. The right to live in world that values your right to degrade others? Sounds like White Privilege hiding behind a squirrel. More people like you are coming out the woodwork since Trump became president.

America is facing a dark time where lies are the true and your style of ranting is the norm. i know will get past this and people will come to their senses. When that time comes, people like you will return to dark corners of America where you belong. America is stronger than your style of ranting and self-serving logic.

Wow, rants are fun. I can see why you do it.

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Aug 1, 2018
9:38 AM EDT
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