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Life Simulator

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Author Comments

Hey !!!

I got bored of making simple platformers, so i created this.

In Life Simulator you can talk with npc's, Work for money which you can spend on Better Furniture and much more,
You can visit three different places such as Park,WorkPlace and your Home.

It's pretty much a Sims 1 Ripoff but with even less features.

Tell what you think of the game, Should i do more ?

A,D - Move
E - Interact (To get off the chair and bench you have to click anything)
Esc - Pause

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very nice

The animations are good, as well as the premise, even the 8-bit art style is alright. But there isn't much to do, all you do is work, eat, sleep. Also, if one bar reaches 0 for any stats, it's an immediate game over (likely meaning death), which makes no sense for stats such as happiness. To counter this, you could show a game over screen for having 0 happiness, in which it says you killed yourself or something of that sort. The "speech bubble" stat likely refers to speaking frequency (I can't think of a better term), which in no way should kill you. You could say that they went insane from isolation after lack of conversation with someone, however, that would fit in with mental health more than "speaking frequency." There is also a road that leads to a place south of your house (looks like a cave or mine), don't know what that is.

If you are trying to make this a small indie game, these are things to look out for. If this was just a random game made without intention of adding anything else, ignore what I said.

Not bad, but u should add more, i like the idea of working, add more animations too

Reminds me of old Little Computer People, have you played it?

VenixSK responds:

No, I have never played it

interesting but plz add more contents to enjoy