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Strange Therapy

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Note: The game may contain lag on firefox. I recommend using a different browser for now.

A game about loss, love, life and hope

Heavily inspired by Coming Out Simulator 2014, I invite you to a journey through my personal experience.

You were a college student. It was near the end of a semester so you were just another crazy kid taking one test and another. After the first test, you visit your parent's house and find out that your dog has lost a lot of weight...

Any type of feedback and sharing would be much appreciated - Thank you all so much for the comments :)

Audio credits and etc:

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the gameplay is nice. the story is really sad. ;w;

For those who are curious about which test questions are right:

1. Pentane
2. 0.5
3. 2/s(s²-4)
4. dG = Vdp - SdT

This doesn't affect gameplay aside from funny dialogue at the end when you get all four right.

I don't know if the original creator is still reading these comments, but I'll still write something, maybe a little short... (Spoilers maybe?)

First, from a game design perspective, the writing was really good, I only played it once (and heard a rumour it doesn't actually change much) but I didn't notice any major issues with branching paths or anything... And I'm not really a pet person, when I saw where the story was going, I mostly was just "let the dog die, it will be fine" but as the game went on I kinda got a different perspective, when the dog did die I felt sad, looking back, nothing really mattered, I personally never got to experience anything with the dog, the closest thing was how you met him at the end (and even that was afterwards) and the fact that I didn't care, yet I could understand how you could care without any purpose was impressive, it helps me out into perspective dealing with other people's loss, if my neighbor's pet died, I probably wouldn't care, but now I could understand how to be sympathetic even though I don't care about it personally... That is impressive, good job on the writing

Stopped playing after i saw the dog was skinny. I knew exactly what was gonna happen, so i quit... i can see this is probably an amazing game, though

That's one helluva story. This was painful to play through, especially the dog going through tremendous pain. I was seriously panicking. I wanted it to stop. I was wondering how to make it better, but all I can do was just go with it.

That must've been a terrible thing to experience.
I teared up a few times. Even thinking back on the play-through.
I would pay my respects, but I don't know what to do. Thank you for this.

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3.81 / 5.00

Jul 16, 2018
1:41 AM EDT