Where Are My Pets?

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Where Are My Pets? is a logic puzzle game about finding the location of your pets and other objects. Each room has several possible objects and you have to decide which objects are actually in that room. You will be given some clues that show the relation between two objects. Example: The blue cat is in the room above the room where the red owl is in.

You can remove objects that don't match the clues by clicking the X button. You can also use right click to remove objects by enabling this option in pause menu. In hard mode, you can't remove objects at all.

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The whimsical music adds a serene feel to it.

A very fun game with some quirks that I'd like to see improved.

My biggest problem is that it's hard to see the elements. I would suggest:
1. When a clue is clicked and its objects are emphasised, dim all the other objects. The way it is now, I keep turning the clue on and off to see which ones are active, as it is otherwise hard to notice them. Not everyone playing this is 20 years old with appropriately young eyes. :-)
2. Solved objects could have a non-circular border. Maybe a spiky/starry one, like in comic books around "bang!" and similar sounds.
3. Some of the objects look way too similar (triangular cats of 2 kinds, for example).

Also, a simple wrong click (on "x" instead of the object and vice versa) costs me a "missed guess". Not sure how I'd improve that one. Maybe have "x" and "ok" icons, so a miss is less likely to end up with the wrong click.

Even worse, if I do the same error twice, it's counted twice. Why? Repeating the same error doesn't reveal anything new and should not be penalised.

A minor issue: the scroll bar for clues could be draggable. First/Last clue page link would also come in handy, along with the currently existing Previous/Next.

I agree with @AliAssaSeen that the game could benefit with a better puzzle generating algorithm, although I don't mind it much this way. It's relaxing, partly because it's so easy.

All that being said and suggested, it really is a fun game. Thank you!

Now this is a fun game. I played this on another website, but since I found it here, I might as well say something about it. It's bloody fun. There's a lot of levels, this is a fun take on these kind of puzzles, and the theme is good too. Nice job, mate.

Very fun! I approve much!

An interesting puzzle game. Took a little bit of time to get a grip of how the game works, but its pretty much smooth sailing from then. The art is nice, the music is mediocre, and a decent puzzle game. After a while it does get a little boring, but would be challenging for young children (in a good way).

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4.02 / 5.00

Jul 13, 2018
6:11 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other