Wave Run

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Wave Run is a fast paced mini platformed about jumping & jetting through tough challenges and time trials. Fly through 33 unique trials and collect as many trophies as you can!


Arrow keys/Left stick - Move
Z/A - Jump
Z/A (in air) - Jet
X/X - Jet dash
Space/Start - Pause
R/Y - Toggle high score mode

A - Restart current trial
Q - Restart previous last trial
1 - Restart stage

To clear your save data, press "Shift+N" on the start menu.


Overall, I enjoyed this game (enough so that I completed it); but it has its faults. Here are some of my thoughts organized into Pros and Cons. I will put more emphasis on the Cons simply to be critically constructive...

- Enjoyable aesthetic / visuals: While I do love detail in its place, I have a soft spot for simplistic or "retro" visual design. I enjoyed the background elements, the cute design of the player character, and the fact that important visual elements (e.g. the player, spikes) popped out from the background and were easy to see.
- Level design: I thought the level design was solid. It was simple but effective, and it was interesting enough to keep me entertained and challenged throughout. The only issues here are related to player control, which I will discuss below...
- Music (when it worked): The music in the game were fun and effective, when they worked...

- Sloppy player control: While I understand that this is somewhat intentional, the controls are simply too floaty/slippery for this sort of high-precision platformer. The (excessive) use of forces with low accelerations but high maximum speeds in hand with low air/ground friction made hitting jumps and passing through spike gaps more an act of faith or luck than an actual test of skill. For this sort of platformer, I would recommend having high accelerations with lower (relative) speed caps or simply adjusting velocities directly to put the player more in control of what is going on. This will make an arcady-style game much more enjoyable (that's my experience).
- Wall jump: Why is there a wall jump? It does nothing for this game and actually undermines the core jetpack mechanic. None of the trials require any sort of wall jumping for completion, but the wall jumping will get you killed over and over because the character gets stuck on a wall when you didn't want that. This mechanic is so out of place here that it almost feels like the dev forgot to remove the wall jumping ability from a player prefab. Wall jumping should simply be removed from this particular game.
- No sound: There is music in this game, but the first time I played it through I did so in complete silence. At first, I thought there was no sound. The music only started to play once I switched to another browser tab and then switched back. I have no idea what's up with that, but since others have experienced this issue, I believe this is an issue with the game itself. The dev should look into this. Also, while there is music, there are no other sound effects. This isn't great. There should at least be a jump sound (e.g. a "boig!"), a death sound (e.g. a splatter), and a water entrance/exit sound (e.g. a splash). The dev put nice effort into making the grass move with the player, so it's a shame that there isn't also a soft grass rustling sound to go with it. The lack of responsive sound effects does not make the game unplayable, but it does make the game rough and unpolished. Adding some basic sounds would make a big difference!

Thanks for putting in the effort to make this game! :)

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awesome level design, great gameplay, intresting concept need better graphics

simple but effective momentum based platforming combining elements from super meat boy and classic sonic games. some music would be nice though.

It has potential, but the difficulty curve is way too steep, and the mechanics are questionable in context to the level design. If streamlined could be fun.

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Sad, this could have been a good game. The wall jump gets in the way more than it helps, there are only spikes, no mobs, no lazers no pits, no moving platforms, poor level design, i completed the game, and even got all several red diamond clear times, add some mobs, some saw blades some pits make the game longer and get some better level design and this could be a really fun game. Also, no sound.

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Jul 12, 2018
6:11 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop