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Forgotten Dungeon - Raise undead

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Author Comments

Forgotten Dungeon - Raise undead is an extension of Forgotten Dungeon. It is an addictive hack-and-slash action RPG in the vein of Diablo.
Slay skeletons, zombies, and other monsters as you explore dungeons.
You will gain experience for each kill, and sometimes, enemies will drop items.
When you level up, you can upgrade your strength, dexterity, intelligence, vitality, and spells.
Increase your attack/damage and defense by equipping yourself with better weapons and armor.

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Can you fullscreen? Would be nice

I honestly quite love this game, I've always been a fan of that top-down style that you get from most MMOs, as I grew up playing Gauntlet: Dark Legacy on the Xbox. I enjoy the fact that classes share multiple common skills, as it grounds the game to itself by keeping consistency. Fact that you can actually see the items you equip is perhaps one of my favorite things in a fantasy game and I feel like it did a good job of keeping the designs interesting with several different styles of armor and weapons. I found that the enemies were not lacking, as it mixed classic fantasy baddies such as zombies, skeletons, and snakes with more original characters like the chakals. Overall I like various elements that contribute to the game's sense of being a traditional MMO, though as many people have already said; the lack of story and repetitive nature of the quests make the game have little real completion value. The skill and attribute system makes up for it, I think, by added a bit of extra replay-ability. To sum up this review, I think you did a fantastic job on this game, and I am eager to see what else you can put out in the future. You've easily earned yourself a follow, keep it up.

-BroZilla :D

I had a blast playing this mindlessly for a couple hours and just letting my skeleton minions destroy everything. seemed like the best way to try the game out for the first time. I maxed out the summoning of skeletons before getting to the meadow and then discovered that the dark armor gave summoning bonus for skeletons. X_X so i wasted points for nothing. is there a way to reset your skill points in the game? other than that i had no issues except that there wasnt many quests.

Nice game but rather repetive and the momemt your necromancer reaches lvl 20 he is unkillable. Mine had 2650 mana and 1600 hp which resulted in me being unkillable with the mana shield and the minions ravished everything except for the ghosts. Needs some more balancing on the classes and some kind of story not only go to point A and kill mob B or x amount of minions. The controls need some more improvement as well the moment he starts tp shoot on something he doesnt't like to move to a place where he can actully hit and the npcs keep running in walls. Hope to see something new from it soon^^

Decent game. Lost my save info, though. Anyway to download this for pc, so I don't have to worry about this in the future.

Credits & Info

3.67 / 5.00

Jul 11, 2018
5:28 AM EDT