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DragonBall GLX - Episode 2

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I can't believe episode 1 scored higher than 1, that is truly amazing. :') I remember back in 2004, people on the forums really did like the way it came out. Compared to the animated gifs they were making, Macromedia Flash really was cool... was dope... was... Whatever terms did we use back then to describe something "WOW worthy".

Episode 2 has some action, compared to the first one. I believe it did improve quite a lot compared to the first one. It is still intact and in its original form, except for some typos and grammar corrections. But it also has one funny addition. Music! I know that famous Evil-Dog said we should not upload the Punk-o-matic created tunes to the audio portal, but this is NOT audio portal. :D Just kidding, but back in the day, I did that one "song" using his amazing flash game to create a tune I called "Painful joy". I even had the lyrics to it! The chorus was something like:

Even though you say it you just cannot listen
Thinking how to fool me is just bad for your brain
Saying you don't know it is so stupid because
everybody's got a painful joy!

lol Those were the days... *ahem* If anyone is interested into the full lyrics, I will try and remember them all. Anyhow, hope Evil-Dog won't have anything against a tune made in his game appearing in this episode. It's not a commercial tune and it really meant a lot to me back in the day. Was no way in Hell I would not implement it in one of the episodes. And it stuck. Episode 2 now IS the Painful Joy. A joy I felt so long ago, animating this thing for a handful of fans on an old forum.

Before I start crying, I really do hope you will enjoy this episode. And that it scores another 3. Would be amazing. And it makes me want to upload the next one even more. Thanks, you guys. You really are way too kind...

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for something so old it is amazingly well done with quite alot of effort put into it good music selection honestly i cant wait for the next episode. i hope after you upload all of this series you continue to make more sprite movies cause i would love to see how your skills have changed or improved in the last 14 years. if you ever need custom sprites dude i know a guy who is great and inexpensive

Dragonball has always been popular, and this is a great sprite movie. The music is good and really follows along with the action. However, It should be much longer. You have plenty of material to cover. Why is the window so small? It should be normal sized, so it is easier to watch. Make those corrections and this will really improve.

the-grimlord responds:

Thanks for your input. You should really read the summary I wrote, though lol This is something I made back in 2004 and 2005. It has 9 episodes in total. I made it while learning how to animate. Episodes get longer and longer. In total, I believe everything combined is around 45 minutes in length with episode 9 running for whole 9 minutes! lol

Thank you for your comment, it really feels great that someone is watching this old thing after all this time. If you really interested in what this show was all about, you should read the description of every episode. First one covered most of the stuff.

I will make sure to upload the third one soon. :) Thanks for watching!

If nostalgia could be classified as a drug, you have given me my fix, early this morning.
Where do you find the music for these clips?

the-grimlord responds:

Hehe, thanks for your kind words.
I've explained it in the description. It's a punk-o-matic song. :)

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2.07 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2018
2:08 PM EDT