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Jed and his dog Dweeby visit gallery of modern art, unexpectedly becoming one of the exhibits. Animation is based on internet pasta I found some time ago. I knew from the start It had great animation potential. Hope you like it, enjoy this short journey to the world of weird art.

During creating this animation I came across some troubles, but finally I was able to deliver it with you. Hope you will like it and share your thoughts about it.

Special thanks to unbelievably talented and patient actors.

Voice Actors:
- Stephen Pena: https://iamsteve.newgrounds.com/
- Sam Meza: https://knucklesamichva.newgrounds.com/
- TheM

YT version:

Thank you very much for Frontpage!


I gotta be perfectly honest.
The animation is alright with a nice style to it. However I didn't really like the story or the jokes. It's incredibly surface level, obvious and predictable. These have been done multiple times before.

At times it feels like Pickle and Peanut. Not in a good way.

Hurrdurr-hd responds:

I appreciate your comment. Well, story may seen flat, but if you take under consideration fact, that in MONA's (Hobart, Australia) you can find actual machine making poo, plot may get a bit deeper. I'm personally not a fan of this kind of jokes, but what if they are real?

Hey I played the dog lol it came out great man, never mind what some haters will say. Keep working on your craft and making more animations! I look forward to working with you again ;)

Hurrdurr-hd responds:

Great to hear that man, thanks. I will do my best :D

Hated the story. Generic guy and his naggy talking dog go to an art show for ultra cliche jokes about modern art and art critics? That being said, the animation was very competent. And in itself is ironically enough derivative of something you might see from Picasso or something, which is a really nice touch, imo. The part with the toothpaste tube was especially masterful, and made me actually laugh. But than it was time for the most cliche joke about modern art of them all. And that just killed my laughter and made my eyes roll into space.

Hurrdurr-hd responds:

Hey there, thanks for the meaningful criticism. The good thing is I didn't leave you indifferent.

Oh *crap* this is good


Hurrdurr-hd responds:

Thanks, I guess :D

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3.56 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2018
11:43 AM EDT
Comedy - Original