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Dracula and the In-Laws

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Dracula returns in the season premiere of Dracula and the In-Laws! Special guests, hit top 40 soundtrack, and a message for children and adults of all ages and stereotypes. Don't miss out! Don't forget! Don't look behind you.

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Really wasn't all that funny. I saw the Pickle Jar video as well, but not of your shorts seem to have any sort of..."punch line" to them.

mrjoeyprosser responds:

Nope! :D

A very cool concept and subversion of expectations. I like the part about the actual show, and I like the little guy who comes up to ask a tiny favor from the viewer, but I feel like he just didn't really fit in the video, because this is supposed to parody old sitcoms, and he's talking about social media, like he's in a YouTube video and I know he's making fun of Patreon but maybe you could have put him in after some sort of clear ending to the main thing. You also should have maybe added in a laugh track and maybe some clapping. I also thought the thing Dracula did, like the sign thing was nice.

mrjoeyprosser responds:

Man, I really wish I had thought of adding a laugh track. That's a such a good idea. Great suggestions all around. 10/10.

Welp, I'm off to twitter.

I honestly can't tell if you're satirizing patreon bumpers or this is an earnest attempt at one.

Also Dracula owes me a punch. 👌

Love the tiny legs 👌

He needs money for sunscreen