You Are Undead

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You didn't survive the zombie apocalypse and now you are a brain eater undead feeding on the last remnants of humanity. You will use freaking creepy mutations and lurk among the shadows to hunt your preys. There is a briefly tutorial, but it's up to you to discover the special habilities of the infected ones.

This project is part of the "One Game a Month" Jam. Each month I gonna put all my efforts to create a game from scratch and deliver a playable and nice looking project. Once I hit the 30th day, the game is released as it is, therefore, it might have some issues. Leave me a comment if you find any bugs.


Unable to choose your zombie if you go back to the map - need to fix this.

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Not to bad for a quickly developed game. can be a bit buggy but i enjoyed it. only suggestion would be more instruction on game mechanics/tutorial and maybe more focus on auto level progression.

Nothing too new or interesting.
Choose your Zombeh is not explained, so there is no understanding, whether those guys are just skins, or they actually change anything.
The gameplay is boring AF, being same and repetetive.
Welp, half a star for a not annoying soundtrack.
Try harder next time. How the Fulp did you even got on the front page?!

I don't understand this "let's make a buggly incomplete game in a short time period" idea. As far as I can see, there's no was to change which zombie you are, even after restarting a level and going to the menu. I don't see anywhere where it explains what the zombie's abilities are. The flying zombie passes behind the wooden doorways. It had potential but there's some basic functionality you neglected.

fabioecco responds:

Hey, billpervill. Making short games it's a self-improvement methodology. You set a deadline, set goals, work with what you have and release. At every project you are teaching yourself discipline, learning new tricks from trial/error and getting feedback from real players. It's IMPOSSIBLE to improve without real feedback. Every game has it's bugs, even triple A's.
You can't change the zombie while playing, You can only get a new zombie by finishing the level and the options are limited by your star score. Thanks for playing!

This is pretty entertaining, but I kept experiencing a glitch where my zombie would get stuck outside of the playable area, and when this happened on the second level I somehow wound up with 3 stars before I'd even finished the level and when I started the next level, all of these other zombies had been unlocked.

Great start, I think the concept and gameplay are fairly solid, but I think you've got some bugs to straighten out.

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fabioecco responds:

Thanks, noisepunk! Game physics are annoying, I think I know now what is causing this glitch. I'm working on the next 1-month-deadlined game, but thanks to all the nice comments, yours included, I'm excited to rebuild and polish this game in a near future. :)

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3.05 / 5.00

Jul 2, 2018
3:41 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other