Rabbit Travel - Trash Kombat 03

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Directed and animated by Sergei Posokhin.
Sound and music by QBsound Studio.

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This was cute

This was a cute animation you have here, kind of cute actually the visuals were nice and there was some nice effects you have going on here, so nice job indeed, I like your style of humor and style of animation so nice work on this little and short film you have here.

Onlything I would do would be is make it longer, maybe a few more characters throw in there.


Loved it.

VolFMaple responds:

Thank you!

Great animation as usual. I really appreciated the pissing dog and gopnik in the background.

VolFMaple responds:

Thank you))

Heeey the Rabbit is back! :D And he sure can fight, too. Fun little short, and good fact at the end even though... it doesn't sound all that bad? Is that square meters worldwide? Every year? Total? Thinking there should be something a bit more drastic to put there. XD But do appreciate the message. good stuff.