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N I G H T M A R E S.
-Mark Z. Danielewski

EPISODE 10 OF FLOWDOWNSTREAM IS HERE! And we couldn't be more proud to have our big one-zero be a Newgrounds Special! This episode is composed mostly of the entries our team made to the first round of the 2018 Animation Summer Jam, plus a few extra bits to keep things fresh!

FlowDownStream is a series created by a central team assembled here on Newgrounds.
If you'd like to join the team, or if you'd like to contribute to just one or a few episodes as a guest animator, message GoodL.

This episode was directed (compiled and edited) by GoodL.

{The FlowDownTeam}
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Kolumbo https://kolumbo.newgrounds.com/
Horsenwelles https://horsenwelles.newgrounds.com/
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The Cause https://therealcause.newgrounds.com/
BoredKid https://boredkid2471.newgrounds.com/
Flonch https://flonchdulloon.newgrounds.com/
TheMarooned https://themarooned.newgrounds.com/
natforatu https://natforatu.newgrounds.com/
WillSpencer https://willspencer.newgrounds.com/
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(Don't see yourself here, but you think you should be? See yourself here, and think you shouldn't be? Did I spell something wrong? Message GoodL.)

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So this was pretty random and funny, but I like the work here and this film was pretty "LONG" And here we have a good start here, I wouldnt mind more of an edge to this flick, maybe more pazazz but sofar its pretty good, if you ask me its a good start to this flick.

make more random stuff like this one.


This was awesome!

It's quite surreal watching such a variety of different 'bad dream' styles all in a row like that. There's even The Price Is Right theme song thrown in. Nothing was overlooked. :D

Ain't no bad dream animation in these bad dream animations. :) Great variation too, and hey the gorilla's back! Last one was definitely a favorite, though might have some bias since I've seen some of these before now. Pretty different in standalone form, and here, all combined and flowing seamlessly... one grand trip through dreamland. Awesome work all, and Congrats on the 10!


I absolutely implore everyone watching this to watch to the very end!

This comp was a douzie, I really feel like the FlowDownTeam out-does themselves with each release. For tone, this one was creepy and dark, yet contrasted with moments of humour. For visuals, this one was especially dense (shout-out to GoodL's clip here). I especially appreciated the humour in the Goth Dream, the creepiness of PapaLegba's clip, Flonch as usual is top notch, and honestly I could go on and on.

I simply can't express how much I appreciate this episode, and honestly, I can't even pick a favorite clip (now back to the lying).

At the time of my watching this, the video is rated at 3.07 stars. I'm sad to see it so low, but I wanna remind the team to persevere, and to pat yourselves on the back for releasing quality work regularly and constantly showing an upward progression! Y'all got this!

-Love, The-Marin-er