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Author Comments

Your Submarine is out of control while exploring an underwater cave.
You can only up or down the submarine avoiding the obstacles. The speed will increase when you pass the levels.

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Good game, it took forever to load kindof like the first level because you move so slowly ;)
Just kidding, but seriously though, I do recommend speeding up the sub sooner since the game gets boring quickly otherwise, it got exciting around level 11 but by that point I have already been playing for 5 minutes and mostly done. Also your volume is extremely loud (or its just my headphones) I was watching a facebook video when this game finally loaded and it blasted my ears.
Nonetheless, I ranked it 4 stars because it is a game, I love how you included a reminder that appears on screen, and it has a lot of potential. Fun concept too. Keep it up!

anisakia responds:

Yes, I still think you have to make some improvements and among them are the ones you mentioned. Thank you very much for the 4 stars. They encourage me a lot !. ;)

Hey Anisakia, thanks for the game!

This is a great game for those who enjoy those 'incremental' style games- it builds intensity as you progress, and is not exactly simple and easy (it creates challenges for the player.) This also has a original story that I find captivating- a real attention-grabber. It's also very playable even though it can prove to be a challenge at times.

Nonetheless, I did have a couple minor issues. One issue is the appearance of the level; we can see the outlines of the rock formation shapes, for example. Another issue is the left and right arrow keys- each time you press them it pops up a message 'reminder' about how you can not use these keys, this blocks whatever is in front of you and can make it difficult to see the mines and other obstacles. You get used to this, but still it's not ideal for playing. However, even with these things considered, I still believe that it is playable and enjoyable.

If I were to suggest something different, I would advise you to carefully review the game to see if you notice anything from an aesthetic point (such as those outlines on the rock formation shapes.) I would also advise you to remove that reminder and emphasize it in the instructions rather than the game.

Overall, I would give this 4 stars for having given me (and hopefully other players) an enjoyable game that can/benefit from just a few minor improvements.

Good luck to you on your next few games!

anisakia responds:

thanks for your words and for voting my game with 4 stars. I consider your suggestions to improve the gaming experience. The warning really is too insistent and I agree that the graphic aspect can be improved.
Best regards.

eh. It just doesn't feel original. It feels like something I have played before.

anisakia responds:

Well, I did it remembering the kind of game of the old machines of 8 and 16 bits so it's good news that it feels like something you have played before. Thanks for the 2 stars.

Good job.

My only complain is the fact that the trajectories of the explosives are totally random. The fact that mere luck determines if you pass a level or not makes the game less enjoyable, especially because you have limited lives.

The way I see it: leave it random and remove the lives limit or plan the levels carefully with no random bad luck deaths and leave the lives limit.

anisakia responds:

yes. At first the shots were not random but I wanted to give it a bit of unpredictability so that beating the game was not completely mechanical and also influenced the luck factor. Thanks for evaluating my work with 4 stars! ;)

Credits & Info

2.79 / 5.00

Jun 27, 2018
4:24 PM EDT