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Pong with a twist

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Author Comments

This is a pong game with a twist. There are settings like ball speed score to win and more!

Controls are: ws or up and Dow arrow keys to move.

if you want to more games from me:
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I really like what you have done here with the red and blue Well it's pong a classic game and you have pushed the idea here to bring it out of it's classic form just a tad but overall this was a fun form of the classic pong game and I have to say I had some fun with it but regardless it was a good little pong game


The original pong game with the ability to alter the ball speed. It is functional, but not very fun. Adjusting the ball speed can lead to issues, like the ball will vanish. Next time, try an original idea. That will help you get noticed and improve you game making skills.

This idea has been done better many times before. When I adjusted the settings the changes ended up being very inconsistent when playing (as in the changes I made to ball velocity would sometimes kick in on a random serve) and on top of that sometimes the ball would completely disappear from the screen. I also noticed that the enemy seems to be locked on the x-coordinate with the ball, making it near impossible to score. I was only able to score by making max ball velocity and the enemy the slowest speed, but the ball vanished after that.
Overall it seems poorly made with more than a few bugs to sort out.

Honestly, not too bad. Cool concept, nice color scheme, and the idea of tweaking your stuff for either a challenge or a cake-walk, or whatever, is a good selling point and draws me in a bit. I find it a bit difficult, but it doesn't really take away from the game, that's just me. The only real complaint, which is kinda a big one, is that the tabs that you use for your setting are a bit arbitrary. I'm not sure what V and S mean exactly, and while you do give amounts, it isn't completely clear necessarily, and I'm not going to know what's the exact difference between 0.9958385 to 1.5388583 in how they are relative to each other. For example, the Player Speed option: I set it to one, doesn't seem to change anything than just leaving it at default, which means I'm already there likely. However. I set it to some random decimal between 0 and 1, but there's no discernible difference. Same if I set it to 2. So now I'm not sure what that bar actually does. Also, I think I found a bug or glitch, or whatever: I set the game up with max. "Ball Velocity" and the first round goes exactly the same as every other round I played. Then I play the next round, and the ball rockets off the screen really fast. I dunno really, but while I enjoyed the Pong-like game in general, the whole "twist" thing, doesn't seem to work.

Credits & Info

2.37 / 5.00

Jun 25, 2018
11:44 AM EDT