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Sublo & Tangy Mustard #10 - Battlefield

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Sublo can't handle the brutality of war. Tangy Mustard reigns victorious.

(This is just a little stopgap until the next full episode, I hope it was fun though!)

Ryan Long as Sublo
Kevin Doan as Tangy Mustard





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Yep, actual LOL ! I'm watching the whole lot tonight !


love it keep up thee good wrk

Another fun one

So while this one was short it was still fun just wish it was longer but still very entertaining, the characracters always bring on some fun humor the characters are always so enjoyble and some funny humor Another fun one in the series not just the humor but each character has there own characteristics that they bring to the table and makes this a fun series as a whole.

just wish they were longer like the really longer one


It was good, except it was kinda short. It was half a minute long. You should try to make it longer so that it counts as an episode. Also, if it was short, why would you name it as if it were an actual episode? It should’ve had short in the name or something. I did like the humor, it’s also something that could be in Adult Swim! Like a 35 second commercial or something, yeah yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Keep making more!


Aaron-Long responds:

Totally fair complaint! I wanted to do a mix of long and short ones with this set of episodes, but this one was so short it probably should've just been a bonus video. I was conflicted, but I numbered it like a regular one just so that people know what order to watch them in later on... then again it doesn't really matter anyway since it doesn't connect to the others... well, oops! I'm just figuring this out as I go.