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Man Vs Nature

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This purpose of this video was my Final Major Project (FMP) for college! I started learning Cinema 4D in December 2017 and have been slowly working on this throughout the year! This project has made me want to make more videos like this! Therefore "Man Vs Nature 2" is the works, also other smaller animations are being worked on also! My future animations will follow this same style of art! 'Low-poly' styled animations work well I believe and can look very effective! I fully started work on this video during March, and finished at the start of June! However my future videos won't have a time limit for it to be completed within, therefore the quality will be increased, as well as the fact I'm still learning how to animate and make effective story telling videos!
Any shares, likes, comments and such are very much appreciated!

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Back when I first started out, I adored stories told through cinematography and music alone. As such, I made a 20 minute video inspired by the style. I still admire good videos that adhere to that style. Good ones are difficult to find.
For a 1st time video, this is a truly remarkable. The visuals are blocky but intentionally so and easily forgivable. The music, once the situations unravel, do excellently to convey what is occuring. And the story, while simple, works and works well.
Things I did not like: the constant panning of almost every single shot. In most cases, it worked. But in many cases, a simple cut and still frame would work wonders. There doesn't need to be motion all the time. And during fades, the objects on screen would clearly freeze in place before the fade was complete. And the animation, while blocky, was incredibly simple. It works, but you should work on becoming more expressive in your characters movements.
Overall though, I was very impressed. I look forward to more work from you.

BaileysART responds:

Thank you for your feedback. As this video is basically fished I shall use your feedback and apply to whatever my next video may be. This was only created in a limited time frame anyway. Where as my next project I will allow myself a much larger time scale to create and polish it to a good standard!

This Film pulled at my Emotions, you Worldbuilder!

great work how about next do a king of the hill parody in 3d :o


Now with this one you have started out on all the right fronts here, but as I always say if you are going to make something good make it count, And I must say you have done that here today. wow I have to say this was pretty amazing work you have here really love the fresh looking art and cool views, love all the 3d stuff, very talented stuff here.

I would suggest adding in some music for this might flow just right with all the animation.


The edgy graphics almost make it seem like papermation. :) Oregami art. Especially in the beginning. Pretty cool style.

I miss a depth in the water, and stuff like that, but otherwise this was nice to watch. Ambient and telling, and when humans enter the picture. it all burns up. Does get the message across, even if it seems like the water would've been a good escape, or firewall, at least. Goes a bit fast.