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MOVE and JUMP with arrow keys ! You can TRIPLE JUMP :) !



He Almost Killed Me is a tough 2D platformer in which you control a bouncy character navigating a mysterious world...

This game represents the difficulties I (and other creative people) face when it comes down to making something ! Giving up, doubt, comparison, these are dangers creators battle through in order to bring something to life...

This game, I almost killed it, I almost gave up on it, this is its story !



Hey :) ! I'm Noa Calice, the dev, responsible for all art, code, design and sound effects !

I have a YOUTUBE CHANNEL (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9Z1XWw1kmnvOOFsj6Bzy2g/videos?view_as=subscriber) filled with TUTORIALS on making games with Unity and a pack of behind the scenes videos on my own creative journey (game jams making of, devlogs...)

You can FOLLOW me on TWITTER (https://twitter.com/NoaCalice)!

And Also JOIN the BLACKTHORNPROD DISCORD SERVER (https://discord.gg/f5qxE7) if you want to chat with a cool community of game creators, coders, artists and musicians !

The game's EPIC MUSIC was made by Eirik Skarding, for more on that great dude check out his SOUNDCLOUD (https://soundcloud.com/ericskarding)!

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movement and graphics are good but the writing is terrible


favorite out of all ur games so far


Super creative theme for a NOT very basic platformer. I really enjoyed it and advanced through the incrementally rising difficulty on many levels. I am currently stuck and feel a MegaMania zigzag zinging irons kinda vibe with the script "Born and Killed the Same Day"/"Never Saw the Light of Day" bit with the diagonal mines. The checkpoints work for me, but only for a couple deaths, then I revert back to a previous checkpoint for some reason. And I don't have a saved game when logging back in. But overall, I love this game. Well done!