Tough Growth

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Easy to learn, hard to master mouse only game.
Eat smaller shapes to grow bigger and dodge bullets to work your way through the various increasingly challenging levels.


Making indie games is a tough growth.
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Never stop growing,

Feather Hat Games

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It's a good game with some good levels. Visuals were good. Would've been nice with keyboard controls.

this is really cool! at this point,ive replayed it,like,10 times. also,i like the fact that you actually added a teleport animation for when people hover off and go to another location. 5/5

Sabooo responds:

Finally someone that notices!!!!!
Thank god.

It's a good game. Very challenging. On some levels it felt a little bit to hard. Well, maybe not to hard, but since the game lacks some strategy depth, it was more like "die over and over again until you're lucky". I think it was a bit of that around level 22 or something.

One improvement I'd like to see is some indication of which blocks you can consume. It's very hard to know, and often I consumed some more smaller just to be on the safe side. I think this would add to the game.

But please, don't beg for a certain grade. I give you 5 if I think it deserves 5, which I don't. I think this deserves 4, but I'll remove half a star just for that.

Sabooo responds:

Thanks for your feedback.
There is actually some indication which blocks you can consume, but it doesn't work on Mac.

I think it is normal to ask for a good rating.
Youtubers ask you to subscribe and like all the time.
On mobile you get asked for reviews and likes too.
It is part of the business.

If you don't like it that is fine.

There's very little here in terms of actual content. The aesthetics aren't bad (though they are a bit on the flashy side, with lots of effects and graphics that aren't much more complex than squares,) but I think the biggest issue is the concept to begin with.

At its core, this game is a mix of bullet hell and a mouse maze, with neither being terribly new or groundbreaking concepts. Too often is it possible to cheat by moving the mouse off-screen. More annoyingly, the stages in which the large player box makes it hard to dodge feels more gimmicky than difficult. Similarly, the last area of the game (where you're sent back a level for failing) feels more gimmicky than anything, as the levels are generally easy than the ones previous.

I would have liked to see some more unique obstacles, some deeper level of strategy, or at least some other way for the player to interact other than dodging things.

Sabooo responds:

I wonder, what game would you consider groundbreaking?
Also this game was designed to be a mix of bullet hell and feed and grow.
I do not know any other games that combine bullet hell with feed and grow.

Good, but suprisingly challenging. Still fun.

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4.16 / 5.00

Jun 2, 2018
6:55 AM EDT
Skill - Other