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A break-out style game but to reach the end requires cooperation To reach the end and win requires sabotage..

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this is a pretty cool game. I tried to control both players at the same time once XD

hotfooted responds:

haha that's how i tested the game too. cheers for checking it out.

A good thing to add would be some control over how the ball bounces. Without it the game becomes pretty bland :/c
A suggestion would be to take the sprite of the thingy on the bottom (can I call it bumper? i don't even know), and split it in three, or create three hitboxes for it
If the ball hits the leftmost one, it bounces a bit to the left, if it hits the middle it either bounces normally, and if it hits the rightmost one, it bounces to the right.
The discharge gimmick sounds fun in 2 player mode ^-^ makes me wish i had friends D:
hah! ♥

hotfooted responds:

i did notice most people just added a random displacement along the x when it hit the ?bumper? :p but i didn't really like that. your idea is much better. thanks for the feedback.

Interesting idea. Gameplay isn't the most original, but I like the twist you put on it. However, unless you're playing in multiplayer, the game is far too easy, because the A.I. never tries to use the power. Actually, it took me a while to figure out what the power was for, because in the description you said cooperation, so I thought I was helping the opponent. You should also add sounds and/or music. It was made for a game jam, so I don't see why you couldn't expand on it later, after the jam is over.

hotfooted responds:

thanks for the feedback. agree with everything you said. first ai i ever did and striking a balance is difficult. when i get some time i'll make the changes you recommend.

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2.82 / 5.00

May 28, 2018
12:51 AM EDT
Skill - Other