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Player Killers' Exchange

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Author Comments

The Player Killers' Exchange is a hack and slash style roguelike RPG. Kill NPCs to loot equipment. Kill players for fun and profit.

Many of you have been griefing the Internet for years now. But why do it for free? Put your PK skills to the test and earn rewards at the same time.

Starting as a mere skeleton, you'll need to to put some meat on your bones. Beef yourself up by collecting blood samples and creating transformation potions. Try conquering castles after assuming orc or lizard form.

There are more than 700+ areas to explore. Each region has special loots and unique NPCs.

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Sounds like a fun game, but can't join. I like the idea though, good job

It's cool, but i don't feel nothing playing this game, is just a skull with monsters, don't like a real RPG, you know?

I don't like so much this game ,but i fell that to be change one day.

Love and peace :)

Well crafted, and entertaining, but becomes a real time sink to feel like you haven't accomplished anything. I only found one human. Spent most/all my time trying to figure out the directions. It would say "Go south" and I would go south, get into a fight then say "Go North" I go north and then sometimes mention how many "maps" away my objective is...not sure what that was since when I stopped following the directions I found the exit to the cave. In the outside world it just says "Go Down" but there are just cliffs, and with such a big map, it was a waste of time. I did find castles but looks like more mazes with just harder bots so I stopped.

I can see this becoming more fun with more players, but the one human I found spawned next to me and I killed them immediately. If I was that player I probably would have stopped right then. Maybe more leveling up and have protection against humans for a few levels? Maybe have a hot key then click on a human to offer to join forces? Then include a mini-map to show where everyone is? That would be cool.

Keep it up!

PlayerKillers responds:

Thank you for your feedback.

Castles have a boss at the top. For each castle you conquer the NPCs become progressively harder. Bosses drop special loots. Human form is one of the more powerful transformations. Collect 12 human blood samples to transform.

NPCs within conquered castles will no longer attack you. Control all three castles on an island to command the entire island and the catacombs below it. NPCs below other islands and
in deeper areas will still be aggressive. There 9 islands and 27 castles. Updating the leader board to include landed titles (Baron, Duke, King, Emperor) should better incentivize this mechanic.

I am reworking the quests/directions into something menu based. Right now you are directed towards the nearest player or the player holding the most castles.

Players are spawned in an active area with the lowest amount of players. Spawns occur in a new area if there is not an active area with less than 4 players. Once a player is killed in an area it is ineligible for a new player spawns. Similarly areas containing users with at least one player kill or 8 NPC kills are blocked from spawns.

From your feedback I am thinking I should I add different spawn options 'into the fray' or 'private Idaho'. Also I should eliminate the possibility of near spawns by spawning at the farthest portal.

Thank you again for playing and providing me with valuable feedback. I will be using your suggestions to improve the game.

P.S. I noticed that you make Youtube videos. Please PM me if you decide to make one, I will feature it on the site.

Great Game With Great Potential.... What Is The Benefit Of Playing As A Team?
I love the game for the variety of spawn locations and loot and the difficulty since there are bots and players

PlayerKillers responds:

Team damage is disabled, followers spawn nearby, and you'll have the support of your friends.
Team leaders spawn as per the normal rules.

This was a user requested feature. I try to give players what they want within reason. Feel free to make any suggestions or requests.

Thanks for playing!

Great fun! Definitely, something I'll have to dump some more time into. This game could have used a leveling system though, seems like it would fit.

PlayerKillers responds:

Thank you for your feedback. You can upgrade your health and speed by drinking transformation potions. Collect 12 blood samples to create a transformation potion.

Credits & Info

2.77 / 5.00

May 24, 2018
6:28 AM EDT