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UnTown episode 10- Grace to Nace

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Sorry, yeah I know this animation has been on my youtube for like 2 months now, just sometimes uploading long animations to NG can be such a hassle at times. Well here it is atleast!

On a quiet Saturday, Pedal receives advice from her brother Rico about how to talk to Nace, Pedal takes it in and goes to find him. Mean while Nace realizes some fishy things about Untwons appearance and goes to get to the bottom of things.

Hope you guys enjoy! Here take some Credits!

Aiden Wall as Nace

Brandi Stone/NitroGoblin as Pedal

SilverElick as Rico

DynoStorm as Naces Dad

Skytric as Background police officers

Jordan J Scavone as Spokeniss

Josh Click as Gruffy/Elrick

PallidCrest as Mr Falco

Music by:

Now me! and my Social stuff!
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http://pallidcrest.tumblr.com/ tumblr
https://www.facebook.com/UnTownWS UnTown workshop FB page!
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First episode I have seen of this show, and I am most definitely going the check out the rest.