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Villagers Vs Vampires

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Author Comments

Villagers Vs Vampires

"When one fights with monsters, one must be careful not to become a monster.
For when you gaze into the abyss, you start to realize there are much better ways to spend your time"

- Some guy (probably)


- Left mouse clicking

- [Escape] to return to title screen

Level progress is tracked automatically.


Manage your morale and place your villagers effectively to last to the end of each level. If too many monsters break through your ranks, the game is over.

Starting units:

Priest - generates morale over time, which allows you to summon more villagers

Firestarter - throws torches at any enemy in front of them

Defender - able to withstand the most damage, slowing down enemy progress

v1.0.1 update: some minor game play tweaks based on feedback:
- dead villagers leave behind skulls that will occupy the space until cleared
- bear trap has a cool-down/ heal restores all health with longer cool-down

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No matter whatI do I can't get past the first wave of monsters. I have tried one priest, two priests, defender, everything. I just don't get it.

It's just too short. Both gaining money and doing damage are painfully slow, other than that, it's a great game.

Good game, just a little short.

One thing though:
The healing is meaningless out of 2 reasons.

1. You can just summon a new defender into the same spot as the one that was killed before the monster can pass the spot. (Just as ultimatum479 already stated)

2. Healing costs 20 points and heals only 1/4 or 1/3 of a defender's health while summoning a brand new one with full health into the same spot only costs 35 points. So healing is more expensive than summoning a new one.

jcampbell77 responds:

Good points. The heals was mostly for the witches and firestarters should enemies make it through your defenders. With enough resources, you can keep them alive long enough to restore your front line. But yes, you are better off replacing defenders outright with <66% health (heals give 50pts, defenders have 150hp) Now that I'm thinking about it, I guess I could've had enemies 'lock down' spaces they occupy to avoid spawn-spamming. Thanks for the comment.

Obviously rather short. And the fact that you can spam-click a defender into the slot where the previous defender was killed before the attacking monster can get past that tile means you can keep monsters from ever advancing, trivializing every level.

Still, extremely cute story cutscenes and a very clean UI make for a fun, if brief, experience.

jcampbell77 responds:

Hey, thanks for the feedback! I'll try and make the next one a longer experience

lol...so when i place a villager on the board, he doesn't do anything, he just dies then i lose the game. Maybe i am missing something?

jcampbell77 responds:

Yeah, I tried my best with the tutorial but essentially: The guys in black generate morale over time ( the number in the top center ). Once you have enough, you can spend it on other villagers (pitchfork has highest hp for tanking, torch thrower actually kills on their row). But if you don't place a few priests right away, it'll take a long time to afford anything else. Thanks for the feedback, and I hope that answers your question.

Credits & Info

2.39 / 5.00

May 15, 2018
11:54 PM EDT