Madness: Project Tarvos

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It is pretty short, I started this animation 5 months ago.
Special thanks:
Djjaner - for the music
Krinkels - for inspiration and creating madness combat

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The animation is actually pretty good, and I actually kinda like the slower, stealthier approach in this one. However, in the room where the 1337 agents are playing Uno, the guys with swords stand still too long. They could have been shown moving back and forth a bit more to show they're hesitant to attack. Then there's some serious confusing layouts going on. When the horned guy attacks, the main character runs right, and is next shown going left into a room we've never seen. First off, it's strange that he was able to escape so easily. Next, it's confusing because he went back and came into a new area. We assume it's the crystal room, because the left part is missing but we've never actually seen the layout of the room, so the first time I was watching this I thought he found an alternate exit and cut his losses. Be more careful with your layout and action axis.

nice work.

Slick animations and entertaining violence, accompanied by upbeat music selections make this a fun watch.

Kazo responds:

Hey thanks for this review !