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Left Brain Right Brain Animated

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I hope you enjoy.

Original Audio by Bo Burnham

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Bo Burnham fuck yeah

I fucking love Bo Burnham! :D awesome dedication doing the whole song. Enjoyed your interpretation of this so much despite simple art style.

That was pretty amazing! :D Wonder where that audio's from - just a recording? A show? The way the characters stayed inside the brain all the time was a bit of a let-down, would've been cool with visuals themed more against the possible visual elements in the song, but otherwise this was great. Fluent and fun, and a little educational too. Good stuff!


I don't agree with the other comment, I think the emoting was great and on point! Fantastic job, great color schemes, I liked the art style for this!

The animation was okay, it would be better if characters emoted more and were more distinct from each other in more ways than just color, and ultimately it doesn't add anything and the whole thing takes place in the same scene so it would literally be better to watch the original that the audio came from.