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DJ Engaged

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Had a bit of a Jhonen Vasquez thing at the end there. Not sure why, tha's just how I saw it in my head.

Gianni Matragrano as DJ

Music: Arin Screams by Master Sword

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8/10 generally I reserve the last two for my personal take and.... I am not gonna lie, that was weird. That might possibly be the point and, if so, envision this as a 10/10 but, for me XD it's a little out there. But, I am in love with the choice of assets and animation flow. I don't see very many animations like this anymore (meaning quality) thanks for putting effort into something and sharing it here! : )

Fun Fact : I actually liked the music x)

HadenDA responds:

Oh, the music is great. The reactions are due to the video...and because it's an odd song to associate with getting married.


Media playback is aborted :-(

I like the style contrast beteen characters in focus versus background. There seemed to be a bit of influence from the SNL “When will the bass drop” sketch, with random characters meeting their demise. Great work!