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The Original Good Hu Boat Commercial

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Baron Von Shakenburg's original Ice Cream ad from 1952. He slaughtered the Steven Universe characters then and he slaughters them now...Other than that he's quite Merry.

Music and Kiddie voices by Ian Rees https://www.ianreesmusic.com/

Baron Von Shakenburg's voice and lyrics by me!

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This was cute I like the black and white style you have here, and the "SONG" was notbad either a good little short here, So I got some good Entertainment out of this and Surprisingly your Dedication does show thru well on this one, the effort is showing the time and work put in, So I am pleased with how this starts out.

Maybe make more of these and put them together.


GruntVonVeizatun responds:

Thanks! This was actually based on a real commercial hence why it was so short. Also this was pretty much hand drawn and I mainly focus on puppetry. But I do want to try and make longer animations. Thank you for the constructive criticism. :)

Great style and designs.

this song is freaking dope

Reminds me of the Skitzo series a bit. :) Nice work getting both style, but more so the voicing and music so authentic to the time period! Really feels like it could've been from that day and age. Nice work.