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Author Comments

this is a game made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 41. Tight controls, and ascii graphics.

controls: up/down/left/right.

LD page: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/41/pece

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I loved the length of gameplay, the obstacles, and even the ending screen. Perfection.

Fantastic! Drags on a little too long though, as I stopped playing after a while. The mechanics are easy to learn, The new enemies/obstacles were introduced a little too slowly. The are style is 10/10! I have always wanted to see some type of game made with these characters for a long time. The death feels too long, and is annoying to have to wait longer than about 1 second. The constant blood stains is a cool idea, but with this art style it makes it a bit too hard to see certain objects after a while. The checkpoints WORK, which is better than most other games I have played from here. Also, I was afraid to touch the steam, as I was afraid it would hurt me. It, however, only sometimes does, making me paranoid of all steam in general(the cloud obscures view a little too much also). Finally, figuring out that female symbol is a key took me a little while to figure out, the same with putting the key into an assinged door. I have nothing else to complain or to talk about, so goodbye! @

Really liked it. It is awesome you made it in 48 hours. Really good rogue-like-platformer. You can imagine the PC maneuvering in the air. Audio is not working because of the WebAudio update on Google Chrome. 5 stars despite I couldn't hear it (because I know is not your fault).

If in 2018 you for ever reason, like being very young or living on isolated island for past four decades, haven't played enough games that are all about jumping trough hoops without any choice or option for improvisation then this game is for you. There are many games like this, but this also provides a lack of interesting graphics and you must orient yourself only by an extended list of ASCII characters.

There is also a bug that on levels with two paths to the key - you must pick the heart on one path to the key, then the key and only then the last heart on your way back. If you do this in any other order the key will disappear and you will be unable to complete the level. That is just so to double beat down in you the understanding that improvisation is a sin and must be punished.

What are some good aspects of this game? Well the collision detection works fine and wall jumping also works fine - these are things some indie games struggle with often, so at least we can say this game has solid programming behind it. Aside from the bug mentioned above. But it is probably not a bug. It is likely a propaganda for abandoning any attempt at choice.

only game you ever make

Credits & Info

3.47 / 5.00

Apr 22, 2018
11:53 PM EDT