Repty's Quest - Ep.2

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The Repty's Quest saga continues. This time he'll face the evil lord!
Please write reviews and WATCH BEFORE BLAMMING!!!

OBS: This story is a series. You probably won't understand an episode if you don't watch the ones before it.


Okay, but it's not really much of a flash movie

It wasn't a bad comic, but why the hell use an Animation program for something that isn't the least bit animation? I hate when people put up flash movies that aren't a movie or game...Try making your next "animation" have animation in it. If you had that comic there in animation, I would have given you a 6, because it isn't that great even if I rated it as a non-animated comic.


I like the comic book style you set up. Maybe you could add some background music in the later installments. That would probably make the story a little more involving, if you choose the right music for the right situation. Keep up the good work!

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it's not a flash movie... it's a comic. not much effort in a comic than in a movie.


really need to add some more animation if you want this to go anywhere, i like the style just needs somthing, also more sound/music would be nice...

Pretty good!

Very nice! Try to add more animation sequences and more sound. But this is a great storyline and ill be watching your submissions. Get a better translator! This episode was fine, the last had some basic mistakes. Great overall kepp making them!

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1.63 / 5.00

Nov 28, 2002
4:49 AM EST
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