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BoomCat: Battle of Zion

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Author Comments


New: You can download the .swf file from my web site to play faster!!! Try it for free on iOS and Android.

Bug report: The cat seems to be invisible at the level 2 with some browsers. The game has been tested on FIREFOX-SAFARI-CHROME. No bug reproted with these browsers.

Use <- & -> to move and W or Z to shoot if necessary (if Fire icon is on screen).

Collect Yellow powercells to take off!

BoomCat story....

An evil force named DeathClaw is approaching Zion.
Zion is a peaceful planet of the solar system KAD-34 and possesses an unlimited stock of energy named POWERCELL.
DeathClaw has planed to steal this unbelievable source of energy, and if so, Zion will be submerged in darkness!
BoomCat is our last chance! Chase DeathClaw and get back the POWERCELL.

Fight against 5 bosses:
-...and DeathClaw!!!!

Good Luck, BoomCat.

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Graphics present a retro vibe mixed with the outer space vibe. Controls took a minute to figure out, but I was able to master them. Everything was going well in level one, but level two is well issues appeared. The level two has an invisible cat that just ruins the game. An error like that is really a game breaker.

Not bad, but I fell victim to that invisibility glitch.

You know what I think? I think it only affects Macs.

ouzzgame responds:

I'm using a mac with Firefox, Safari, & chrome...works fine!
On my PC windows 10 with Internet Explorer, the game is completly bugged...and i don't know why! The cat nerver stop running!!!

The best solution is do download the game on iOS, Android...if it doesn't work well on your PC or Mac

On the 2nd boss, the cat is invisible, unless if that is intentional and it's hard to play by only watching your projectiles to determent it's location.

ouzzgame responds:

I'm using Firefox & Safari web browser and the cat is not invisible!
What is yur web browser?

Very fun game. I liked the arcade style, wish I could continue where I left off but then it wouldn't last very long, so that's fine.

Some things I didn't like was it took me awhile to figure out how to shoot so that wasn't good.
I also didn't understand what the different vials did. I got I needed to collect the blue ones, but the red and green just say "Clean up" and somehow I got bonus lives?

I after my 3rd try, I realized there was more to an intro than just Boomcat sleeping. Maybe that's because (as you commented below) it's on flash and slower, but you should shorten that pause of him being asleep in the beginning, or maybe make the text bigger.

I thought the game was frustrating since there were times I died when I don't think I should have, like I wasn't standing on a red X but I guess he had a paw over it? Hard to tell.

ouzzgame responds:

Hi, thanks for your comment. Read below. Hope this helps you ;)
Vials (or cells):
-Blue = Bonus. Collect blue cells to get extra lives
-Green = Chemical cells. Collect these cells before they explode (after 4 s) to get extra points.
-Red = Bomb cells. Collect these cells before they explode (after 4 s) to get extra points.

You only need to shoot if you see the fire button on screen. (remember that it's an iOS & Android conversion to flash).

Level 2 is hard...but after, it's easier, except DeathClaw...the final boss! Good Luck:)

Sweet! The cute pixel graphics look nice and the different boss fights were quite fun as well. At first I expected something rather simple, but this impressed me quite a bit, I'm liking it!


ouzzgame responds:

Great! Do not hesitate to download this game on iOS or Android to play at full speed...Because flash version is a little bit slow :(
I hope you will reach the final boss...Deathclaw!!!
Thanks for your comment.

Credits & Info

3.53 / 5.00

Apr 20, 2018
3:37 PM EDT