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Castle Smasher:Mystic Conquest //ALPHA 0.0.03//

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Author Comments

UPDATE 3: even tho an obvious butthurt troll is obvious checked game across all platforms. works fine.
--Report any legit issues with executions! thank you!

update 2: Added sound and higher graphics on title screen!

UPDATE: a minor fix since upload based off feed back, made my direction tweak a little more extreme and slowed down the ball SLIGHTLY!

As you can see this is still extremely basic, I was trying to avoid posting it publicly this early but, no one played it off dumping grounds or on the forums! I'm releasing this to get feed back on features and what you'd like to see in the game, I have programmed a lot of unused public functions, this that could add health. more power ups moving platforms etc the possibilities are limitless and my imagination is waayyyy too speratic so, I need your input so I can get a clearer path of implementation and design. I do plan on doing a MAJOR graphics over haul when I get a drawing pad!

So, don't be shy, I have things in mind and it'll really help me out if you guys give notes on content you'd like to see! Thank you for playing, even if you didn't like it. I appreciate your time! xD

If you like this game and feeling like supporting quicker development then you can follow my patreon link and give a lil sumthin sumthin. up to you!


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This is a pretty slightly above average game.

It would be a lot better if the game wouldn't go over the background of the website.

I've almost played through the whole game, and like you said in the description this is pretty basic. Although you could make some graphics more high resolution, so it looks nicer. I would say the same for the background.
Also, you might wanna add a skipping dialogue box text thing (that thing when you press a key and the dialogue box would skip to the end result of the dialogue box) and (if possible) make a detection sort of thing that if the player had played the game for 2 times or more, the dialogue box at the beginning wouldn't appear after restarting the game on a game over.

So far, I can see a bit of potential for this game, and I can see you put some effort in it.

It's a nice, slightly hard game that I would like to see the final product for.

PM me when you finish the game. ツ

Also, getting slightly off topic but it would be better if you just didn't respond to the "troll" guy at all.

keolamation responds:

Thank you, I have a skip dialog. you press S. or do you mean, skip the text scrolling so you just see the message and can read without waiting? Yeah. I actually just set up a localData to start saving some vars across scenes and it was for the defeat screen so ty for that. obviously was a big issue. I was watching the disastrous life of saiti k and saw the 10 principles of a shitty game and immediately went to go fix them! LOL thanks for review very honest! I'm adding the rest of my power ups now well, 3 more and then adding some check points and levels. that'll be my next test release on newgrounds the "alpha v.0.0.15 after I get feed back from that.. my next release wont be till v0.1.5 I'll also work on all the BGs and graphics before I release next week too tho. lol.

Hmmmm not much to say. Not very interesting. BTW a BOT in the beginning is a terrible idea!
The pictures you used for background is pretty ugly!

keolamation responds:

Why are you so desperate to make accounts to troll me? I gave you some criticism and I gave you legit pointers/advice. I don't really care about you doing this cause obviously I'm taking this game down after a few days and I'm telling you to stop making ults account to do this for your own good. if someone reports you bro it'll be easy to tell "account made today, only 1 review and game vote etc" dude, take a damn chill pill. p.s. the bot is just something I'm too lazy to take out because i use it for automated testings. I did deactivate my bools for the auto ability using haha. When I release the next build in a few days that's gonna have all 3 base power ups with both varieties and the 2 new "defensive powers" I'll have people other than you Divinorium reviewing.. glad your ego was so hit by my PM that you are making account to down vote me. still surprised my rating isn't as low as your games were yet.. lol like I said man, not "hiring an artist" is not an excuse for shitty UI. JUST SAYING

Game doesnt work?!?!?! First level the bot plays for you and then when you finally get to play the first key you press makes your platform disappear.... Probably copypasted code tbh

keolamation responds:

nice try Divinorium, you even up-voted yourself! that's dedication!! You know, not sure if you're aware of this considering you're not of the highest education andd are from a shithole country... buutt, you're not supposed to have more than one account so, gonna flag this here comment. trying to figure out how i went from 3.6* to 2.42 in 4 votes 77-81 votes and now magically it's going back up. You pressed every key a found my "surprise bugs" congrats the auto play is supposed to be in there dumb ass! It works fine because every other player and platform has complemented it for an Alpha and unlike your trash fucking work I put time into UI and graphics. Haha get gud at programming and stop making games that get worsee ratings NATURALLY then my 3 level 2 week made Alpha scrub. enjoy your constant 1.4 - 2.1 games cause you have no talent. :))

Credits & Info

2.44 / 5.00

Apr 8, 2018
7:44 AM EDT