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Magnet Boy | BoogeyTrapz Edition

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Author Comments

Background to why I made this game and it's aim

A homage to two of my favourite games, Super Meat Boy and Portal.
Tries to recreate the movement of Super Meat Boy but instead of the boy being a piece of meat, they are a literally a magnetic block. This affects the way they navigate and interact with the world around them.
Then combined with this is a take on Portal's "portal gun" which instead of shooting two portals, shoots two magnets. One a positively charged magnet and the other a negative charged one. This will hopefully mix things up.


Magnet boy is attracted to Magnet girl through both love and the fact they are literally attracted to each other as magnets. But nothing stays happy forever and the evil boogeyman who grown bored, decides to kidnap magnet girl in her dream. In order for magnet boy to win her back, he must beat the puzzles that the boogeyman uses for his own entertainment.

How to Play

Goal: Simple...get to magnet girl.

Movement info: W is jump but if you hold down, it gives you a boost and slow down your fall.

How do magnets work?
Blue magnets and red magnets are opposites so will attract to each other.
Blue magnets will repel each other
Orange magnets will repel each other.

Like portal, left click to shoot a magnet ball. One a blue and one a red.

As magnet boy is blue, he will be repelled by the force of a blue ball but will be attracted by the force of a red ball.


This is a prototype extension to the prototype I created in college : "Magnets | Nanobots" which I released in 2016 on here. At the the time I was very happy with it but it was very clunky and confusing lol. Hopefully this has improved on that. I'm also planning to build upon this in a new version. Thank you for reading, feel free to give me criticism and most importantly, enjoy (hopefully ;).

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You know what, lemme share my chains of thought with you.
I started with "oh shit, that feels clunky", came to "ahh, that's how it works!" to "darn, I think im too simple for this" until I really got to enjoy your game.
I really liked what you can do with the magnets, and that contributed to the flair. One of my first discoveries in Portal has been the infinite loop, and I really felt reminded of this when I discovered a similair way to gain a lot of momentum.
Regarding the level, I felt your passion to create something meatboy-ish, and I'll give it to you, it was fine. It's always hard to resemble SMB in a game not being a Jump-N-Run exactly like SMB!

I really really liked you integrating so much space for training. With the utmost pride I declare myself the ruler over the red-only-chamber needing only a staggering minute to complete the task, while rushing trough the blue-only in about ten seconds. By being limited to only one magnet, I actually started to appreciate both of them and learn how they worked respectively, better than in the tutorial. Ah, the tutorial.
My dude, why do you create a game labelling every level a "tutorial"? That's actually the only real complaint I have other than the lack of music (my ears always need 120 dB of horrible techno, otherwise a game simply does not get it, if you follow my irony), being that besides Chamber 1, the game is pretty darn small.

I would've loved to see around twenty levels or so. Don't get me wrong, creating levels being juust right is probably pretty difficult, especially when considering that your magnets are a little bit imprecise when compared to Portals portals. But at the end of the day, I think there is a lot of room for addition and improvement, but what you already delivered really tastes like something.
So, overall: Good work! Visuals being appropiate for the style, in my mind (I never give much about grafics. Gameplay matters!), a clever gameplay-concept, room for physics-defiying attrocities and a wonderfully cute transition between the screens.
The only lack is the lack of levels. Other than that, I feel really ~attracted~ to your game.

funnymonkeyone responds:

Thank you, that was very helpful and a enjoyable read. I should probably mention somewhere that is a prototype really but do have plans to build upon it in a new version. On a side note, I'm actually very surprised and happy you managed to beat the blue-only chamber in ten seconds. So congratulations...because you are at the moment are the fastest. Even beating me lol. Cheers ;)

The mechanics sound intersting, but... why aren't they explained? I cant figure out whats going on. I get the character is supposed to be a magnet but....I just dont understand. sometimes my jump is higher when I jump sorta sideways, I guess. Also he seems to react to the ceiling but he doesnt stick to it. The magnet gun is also poorly explained. I dont get how Im supposed to use it. They dont seem to let me move around very precisely. Please explain things better because this game has some potential.

funnymonkeyone responds:

That's my bad. I was hoping the levels would visually teach you how to play the game but I will be much more descriptive now you mention it so thank you for pointing that out. Cheers ;)

Credits & Info

3.01 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2018
5:56 AM EDT