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Orcish Rage: Prelude

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Author Comments

Orc Rage is a Fantasy RPG with strategy elements. Lead your orc tribe to victory!

WASD/Arrows – move character
1,2,3 – use skills
TAB – choose next character
Hero will automaticaly attack enemy

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Some really good stuff in this game you bring on some nice details in the game some visuals and overall a fun game style I had some fun here


Chekisteg responds:

Thank you for reply! I'm glad you liked it. You can check out 2nd part.
There is Html5, Mac and Win versions here https://chekisteg.itch.io/orcish-rage-2

"ah! orcs! I like orcs! they have big long swords...can i accompany you? you'll not regret it, Especialy at cold lonely nights" - A very enthusiastic dark elven lady

Man i love this game ♥ is a really good thing find you! this have a really cool style of rpg and strategy tematic! :D

Chekisteg responds:

Thank you for good words! There is also a second part "Orcish Rage: Conquest".
https://chekisteg.itch.io/ - there you can find win/mac/html5 versions

Review of "Orcish Rage: Prelaude"
Date relesed: march 31, 2018
Date reviewed: March 31, 2018

Orcish rage is an 16-bit army strategy game, where you control a up to 4 squads of troops with 4 commands. with 2 "Fallow me" commands (one that tells them to disengage enemies that are not close to you, and the other allows.) and two "stand here" commands (like the fallow command, one allows for distant enemies to be attacked, the other doesn't until within a certain distance.). I find both the strategy, and the gameplay interesting, and fun.

I can only really think of one big issue, and that would be the graphics.

While i enjoy the 16 bit style, i found it sometimes difficult to tell what exactly was going on. Who am i controlling right now, which one of these 20 orcs and wolves are my enemy, and which are my allies?
I believe this could be salved by changing some of the avitar colors, such as the color of ally orc shirts to blue, and enemies to red. turn all good dogs to brown or white colors, and all bad dogs to a black or red color, or something along those lines. Just so there is a larger visual distinction between friend and foe.

other than that, it gets very minor, like.
The first mission has a bit to many dogs for just one person getting to know the game to handle.
The "Ally/enemy" icon above peoples head being obscured/getting in the way of the health bar.
It's a bit difficult to click on environmental things when the troops are pushing you around. maybe add a "walk over it to pick it up" style mechanic.
There is a mission where you need to collect 25 cacti spread across the map. And if you where not paying attention to the story, you might just go through the whole map not knowing what it is you are doing. maybe a "Click on this cactus" prompt for the first one you see would help those not paying attention.
Squads are constantly shuffling around. i mean lets say you start into a mission with a squad of only archers, by the end of it your squad has 2 bowmen 3 infantry, a dog, and a spider. then you have to redo all the squads at the end of every mission. Maybe add in something where it remembers the troops you started the mission with, and every one you got that mission goes into your reserves instead of filling in the blanks in your squads.
Darth is a bit difficult to spot in battle. The red triangle on his shield is not really enough to distinguish him when in a semi large group (Which is kind of his thing).
And there is no real ending. you just go to a swamp, fight a monster, then you get a dialogue screen that says some story things(no spoilers) and then it goes to a page that says "game object layer". No "The end" or a "You win" or even a "To be continued". It just...ends. (I'm not sure if it's a bug, or if the game just doesn't have an ending yet.)

Though the game has a few problems, overall i have found it vary enjoyable. It has a good strategy element to it, not so overly difficult it becomes stressful, nor so casual it becomes boring. It falls in the middle-ground, and It is one of the most fun fantasy strategy games i have played in a long while, and i look forward to seeing what this game series turns into.

I hope one day "Orcish Rage" will become one of my all time favorite Newgrounds game series. and i'll remember, "I played that the first day it came out."

Signed: Hefner777

Chekisteg responds:

Oh, "page that says "game object layer"" - thats a nasty bug, i thought i have fixed it .if you load your save game, it should start with next mission. Thanks for your reply, i'll try to fix this bug today

Good stuff simple fun, my tab is pausing the game not changing characters though. Graphics style is old school thats good. I like how its 3 different types of combat. Seems like a good round number for attacks.

Chekisteg responds:

Thank you for your respond!

Not stellar graphics and boring gameplay. Enemies can take way too long to defeat. My suggestion is to explain things better. Nothing in this game is explained enough. Also I dont know if you can remove already added troops from your roster.

Chekisteg responds:

Thank you for review, we'll do our best to make game more interesting.

Credits & Info

3.66 / 5.00

Mar 31, 2018
3:12 AM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place April 1, 2018