Alter Ego

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Having an alter ego can be very helpful.

In this clay animation, I focus on lip sync and juggle three characters. 2011

Cheers! :D

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Once again, incredible animation, amazing concept and great lip-syncing. Keep 'em coming. Those are just so fun to watch!

TheBabbleBeast responds:

Means a lot to me, thanks for your interest! More to come! =)

lip sync with 3 characters on the same screen. My dude, you got some serious skill.

TheBabbleBeast responds:

Thanks man! 8-)

Good stuff again, maybe keep adding more and more time to this. The style of the clay figures with the floppy tail arms is cute.

TheBabbleBeast responds:

Thank you! Yes, it is short. Although this is my last animation (so far) with these characters, I might resurrect them at some point. You never know with me lol! Thanks for watching! =)

Such a dramatic intro. XD And thus, the element of story comes into play too! That alter ego looks somewhat similar to your profile image hmm, seems like that might be coming up! Good stuff. Kinda feels like that mighty music's a bit much for the animation though, or contrasts with the style, or something... otherwise really digging this.


TheBabbleBeast responds:

Everything we do 'works' to some degree... That's the magic of being alive. 8-) I had uber-fun with this one -- does it show? 'Drama' is my middle name. =D

Oooo, my avatar? Smart you are! ^_^