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The Wanderer

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Play it on the go:

- Google Play: Link

- iOS: Link

☢ Wander the harsh wasteland as one of the last remaining survivors searching for supplies and battling any unwanted visitors in this 'Fallout' inspired 'idle text-based post-apocalyptic adventure survival clicker' game.

☢ Gather supplies from Canned Food to Rare Candy as well as improving your gear.

☢ Trade your Caps with a local trader

☢ Craft items for exploration

☢ Look after a Pet

☢ Speculate on the supplies you have against the dangers of the wasteland

☢ Increase your camp level and increase your overall storage capacity.

☢ Find all the missing Camper Van parts and use it to travel the world map a lot quicker

☢ Make tough decisions which could affect your Karma and leave you with the outcome

☢ Fight off bandits in a stats based combat system

☢ Tap Tap Tap away and see how many days can you last?

☢ Good Luck Wanderer!

Join the DISCORD and be up to date with regular updates and post bugs so that they can be sorted as soon as possible! - Link

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I really love the game, I played it before on mobile, and even put a comment on the google play page.
The discord link is invalid tho, and I'm interested in translating the game to portuguese, so if you are interested, I can give you more info :/

I see that I can get materials for crafting. HOW do you craft?

I'm le el 33. But I don't know how to find any van's piece... Any clue please?

What am I supposed to do? What do I click to progress the game? It's telling me to collect a supply crate but it says it'll be 27 minutes before I get one for free, and it's telling me to sell items because my storage is full, but can't find anywhere to do that! Also the map button is grayed out so I can't click on it, the only things I can do are throw items away or rest until the next day. Oh wait! I can't do that either because the button is broken! And the help is completely useless as all it tells me to do is watch my health, illness, hunger, etc. which seems pretty obvious to me!

Not wasting anymore time trying to find a button that actually does something useful.

Edit: ಠಿ_ಠ If I was trying to troll you, your reply would just make it easier. Your reply is deadass the one of the most unhelpful dev replies I've ever seen. Maybe It's a glitch on my end but calling me a troll doesn't help your case any.

JmPrsh153 responds:

i mean its not that bludy hard ffs ¬_¬ stop trolling my game

Edit: i have 70k people that have installed my game with an average of 4.4/5 rating on mobile, some say its a bit hard but once you get used to it, others say its a great game, others say meh its not for them but all youve done is say stuff like im not wasting my time trying to find a button ¬_¬ and saying you cant access the supply crate even though it says itl be ready in 27 mins?? Also to sell items... theres a trader so any other user would have tapped around but shortly realised theres a button called TRADER so forgive me for finding it hard that you are not just some troll because id say again its not that hard.

That being said i have updated the game a lot since i first released it.

Also i always reply to my reviews in any way i can helping them out unless i get a deadass comment with no indication as to why its bad or "shit", But when i get a 0/5 rating just because the user cant find a button when its clearly there on screen and it seems like they cant be bothered to spend a second looking

Sadly can't play the game. It just stays in the character creation screen, only thing i can click is fullscreen, also pressing esc when not in full greyscreens the game Tried using Firefox and Chrome. Thanks for the fix, the game is working now.

JmPrsh153 responds:

Hey there should be a fix up and running now. Please let me know if this happens still.