Set Up To Fail

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a film for titmouse's five second day


I had to rewatch this a couple of times. Generally I felt confused. Here are some moments that had me confused, in chronological order.
-There were 4 electricity poles between the protagonist and the city. This made it look as if protagonist and her destination were pretty close, which screwed my perspective up and made me believe the destination was an igloo-house and not a dome city.
-The platform that gave the protagonist her jetpack also fired missiles at her (why?).
-It took our protagonist around 5 seconds to reach the dome city, even though the previous scene made it look tiny & far away, and even put emphasis on this extreme distance by doing the "zoom" effect.
-The "access denied" bit looked like her jetpack was giving her an error rather than the dome not letting her in (there was no door in sight anyway). This idea was further backed-up by the protagonist throwing her jetpack away, as if it had actually given an error.
-The giant robot is summoned in a "read to punch" pose, yet it still took a step forward to strike (I think?)
-We see a jetpack being summoned and then free-falling towards the ground. Suddenly our protagonist appears out of sight with her new jetpack. Honestly this scene made no sense to me- what was the metal construct that summoned the jetpack (was it the robot? So jetpacks can summon other jetpacks?)? How did the protagonist get to it? Also she's flying way too close to the ground, which furthered my confusion regarding perspectives.

These are some examples I could isolate. Generally there seems to be a problem with pacing and radical changes in perspective.
All this being said, the style overall was great and you obviously put in a lot of effort in animating all this, as seen from the individual frames.

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hey time is up . . . . steal the pizza

every frame had passion and love in it. it was funny, cute, beautiful, and right from the heart.

if i could marry the animator, i would.

I really REALLY tried to enjoy this more than I did. The ending speech had me laughing, too.
Animation was great overall...artwork is also very nice a clean enjoyable style. Sound was good, and the Cowboy Bebop-esqueness of the world we're seeing was appealing. Buuuuut...

As a couple reviews before me have mentioned (one...quite colorfully) there is this problem with the direction and the pacing going on. I really didn't have a clue what was happening or why any of it was being done. I mean I know it's an animation & it doesn't have to make perfect sense, but it was still hard to be totally enthralled by something that confusing.

Rockets are blasting at our heroine here, which I am to understand...help the backpack to become a mech? Then we see that there's access to...something denied? If it's supposed to be some sort of a dome over a city like what they had in say, Total Recall then ok, sure...but she breaks through it and it causes absolutely no problem and she proceeds to just go in and deliver the pizza? I just don't get it. If that was the case then if there was some kinda mayhem going on while she tried to deliver it at the door, then I woulda got it and it woulda been funny, but...apparently this thing she broke through was just for show or something?
That really threw me off more than anything.
The rest is pretty forgivable, at least for me and pretty much it was just how the amount of movement while she was in the air threw me off, I get that she's moving pretty fast and all, but you kinda lose grasp of exactly how far she is going, or if it's on the ground or up in the air or...anything. I'm not sure if it's really a problem or if it was just me getting lost.
I even watched it twice to try and remedy these gripes I had but...ehh, it didn't really help. 3/5

Fun to watch the keyframes are really good, and move the animation along well

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