Space James ep.02

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Where did Space James get that horse and where is he going?

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Heh, you got the "Everybody loves a douche protagonist" part right lol

Sweet animations too. a Bit unsatisfied with the sound-levels (would have appreciated a more audible robot... though I can see the benefits of it's butterscotch smooth characteristics in the dialogues - it brings dynamic and makes stuff less monotone.)

Very clean animation style.
I liked the 3D fx (the spaceship) mixed with the 2D animation.

The story and characters were good.

This was fun to watch.

Great idea, not much meat to it though. I chuckled once or twice.

So i watched it, intrigued by a great teaser opener - and saw diminishing returns. Too much of the conversation has no payoff, the interesting effects that just seem they could have been used to actually do something...

And the neatest part from me actually is in your comments section, I come on here to write a reveiw, found the guy below Bonehead93 said the exact things I was going to say. Like just straight out of my head. Hear, hear Bonehead93!

Seeing this on the front page so prominently got me pretty excited initially. I like a lot of TheWeebl's stuff, and one of the animators, Kried, has produced a lot of great stuff.

That being said, there are moments of potential here that could bring the quality up higher, but that missed potential, coupled with an uninspiring premise, is what made this an overall disappointment.

For instance, the beginning sequence is the most amusing. Space Jame's name constantly popping back up over everybody else is great, and really drives home his character archetype. That being said, though, the idea of a space captain who's kind of a egotistical douche is nothing new. That's not to say that I couldn't have enjoyed it regardless, but I feel like there wasn't much that stands out with Space James among all the other characters out there that are similar.

The animation felt pretty lazy, too, especially considering what I've seen in the past from the same people. All the best animation is front loaded in the intro, and doesn't become interesting again for the rest of the video. Everything is way too motion-tween focused, with actual frame by frame animation being very scarce. Sometimes that can work with simpler characters, but with characters like this, it doesn't do them any favors. The 3D portions are nice, but nothing interesting is done with them, and the particle and lighting effects are overdone and obnoxious in a lot of places. Scenes where lighting filters are plastered over characters look pretty bad when the individual character's lighting doesn't reflect it naturally.

As for comedy, I felt like I was being dragged through punchlines that were never given enough attention to really leave an impact. Maybe it looks good on paper, but without the proper timing to back this up, a lot of jokes just fly right by. Not to mention that the robot character's audio filter is way too modulated, to the point where a lot of his lines have me straining to understand them. The plot is also pretty boring; having the main character sit in a chair talking to someone on a monitor for nearly all of the episode just isn't engaging. Maybe you intended that to be the point, to emphasize that Space James is kind of useless, but even if you wanted to push that idea, you can do it in a more entertaining fashion. Perhaps put Space James in a shootout where he bullshits his way to victory or something similar. Granted, I don't recall ever seeing the first episode to this series so maybe that style of plot happens, but this episode really suffers from a lame premise.

This is the sort of thing that stings with wasted potential in the end. Mediocre animation, unfunny timing, a character that doesn't stand out, and the knowledge that these creators have made much better content, really leave a bad taste in my mouth. I still look forward to the next creation from these two in the future; hell, I'd even watch another Space James episode. I just really hope these necessary improvements come with it.

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Mar 16, 2018
1:40 PM EDT
Comedy - Original
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