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Light On is a Puzzle games involving laser beams and mirrors. You have to redirect laser light through a collection of mirrors to turn on the lights.
Are you smart, patient, logic enough to solve all the levels of this very addictive and challenging puzzle game


Rules are simple, but the game is challenging. It's well-programmed, so it behaved consistently, the only hard thing is the puzzles themselves, as it should be. Loved it. I can imagine a few expansions to the tool set for more puzzles, like prisms, so I hope there's a sequel.

(Perhaps one slight nitpick is that the mirrors rotate when you click on them... and also often when you click them to pick them up. It's not enough of a hassle to cause problems, just annoying. Perhaps some other way to rotate them, and perhaps allowing rotation in both directions, would be nice?)

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kor6k responds:

Hello, thanks for the feedback. Just for your information, you can use right click of the mouse to rotate the mirror in the other direction !

I actually really like it. Simple concept, but quite difficult levels.
Gorgeous music too. I mostly keep the music off, but the music choice here is worth leaving it on.

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kor6k responds:

Thank you for the comment. I'm happy that you like the music beacause it's very hard to select a music which fit a game!

Just a white screen

kor6k responds:

Sorry... Maybe your navigator doesn't support Unity... Unfortunately I can't do anything

Fun but HARD!

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kor6k responds:

thank you!

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3.08 / 5.00

Mar 13, 2018
4:24 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other