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Santa's Mission

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Author Comments

*Level 4*
"You got a glider. Jump and press ENTER to use it".

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The game is not loading any chunks for me, maybe its my computer but just giving my feedback.

The game is not bad and has potential. The timing of the glider needs practice and getting used to, but ultimately works. my only complaint are the keys chosen. Enter is a weird key to use, especially if the other keys are A D E and R. I was playing with the arrow keys which made restarting (pressing R) –which you have to do al lot– really awkward. Also, why not restart immediately after dying, or with a (very) short pause? the extra step of pressing R is unnecessary, as it is the only thing to do. Just have it restart automatically, and save the R for when you get stuck and have to restart. And maybe go with J and K for glider and interact. J and K work for the arrow keys and A and D. other than that, good game ;)

This game is pretty fun to play and it is well polished! Great job!